In brief [Archives:2007/1045/Local News]

April 26 2007


– Fist civil aviation school

April 25 ) The General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology along with GoldenWay Company signed Tuesday an agreement to establish the first civil aviation school in Mukalla, the provincial capital of Hadramout. Eng. Abdullah Saleh Al-Shabibi, Manger of Mukalla Airport said that the school is the first of its kind for training local staff on civil aviation. He added that the school is due to be constructed with a total cost of YR 320 million as part of a series of investment projects.


– Court tries sons over father's murder

April 25 ) Chaired by Judge Yahya Bin Abduallah Al-Ansi, the Taiz Appeal Court continued its hearings on the murder case of Ali Khalid Ghaleb. On Tuesday's hearing, the court judge read out the court orders for the two parties of the case to bring the suspects Munir Ali Khalid and his brother Mamoun, sons of the victim, who are accused of killing their father over inheritance of property. The court seized the revolver used for shooting Khalid to death.


– Court receives suit against embezzlement suspects

April 24 ) Chaired by Judge Abdulqawi Ahmad Al-Abbasi, the Zunjubar Preliminary Court on Monday looked into the lawsuit it received from Public Money Prosecution, which filed a case against 23 government officials accused of embezzling public money. Only 4 of the 23 suspects stood trial, which compelled the court to return the case file to Public Money Prosecution until all the suspects stand for trial.


– Educators lash out at committees for misconducts

April 24 ) Branches of Yemeni teachers and education professions syndicates in Dhamar governorate condemned the committees mandated to deliver hardship allowances to teachers and other education workers for the illegal and arbitrary conducts it exercises to extort them. The syndicates' leaders urged the Ministry of Education and the governorate's leadership to take quick action against such arbitrary procedures exercised by the committees concerned with delivering hardship allowances.


– Outstanding teachers receive honors

April 24 ) Under the auspices of Ahmad Hamed, Director of Sheikh Othman District, the education office in the district organized an awarding ceremony for outstanding teachers on the occasion of the Teacher Day. As many as 70 outstanding male and female teachers received honors at the ceremony. Abdulkarim Shayef, Deputy Aden Governor and Secretary-General of the governorate's local council, gave a speech in which he congratulated teachers for the noble role they play to educate children.


– Students protests insults

April 24 ) Tens of students enrolled in the Radio and Television Department at the Hodeida University's Faculty of Fine Arts held a sit-in Tuesday at their faculty in protest against the insults they received from their teachers. The students sent a letter to the University President threatening to escalate their protest unless the university resolves their problems. They complained of insults by the department chairman and the faculty dean.


– Disputes over Dutch-funded projects

April 24 ) Local sources said that disputes broke out between the governorate's local council administrative staff and the Dutch Technical Support Office over the projects due to be implemented during 2007 with funds coming from the Government of Netherlands. This led William Frenci, Manager of the office to leave the governorate for Sana'a before approving the 2007 projects' plan.