In brief [Archives:2007/1046/Local News]

April 30 2007


International symposium disabuses safe means for dealing with Electromagnetic radiations

April 30 ) the International Symposium on Safe Means for Dealing with Electromagnetic Radiation (ISSMDER) is concluded today (Monday). The symposium, which started last Saturday, is the first of its kind in Yemen that focuses on the safe way to be followed when dealing with radiation in Yemen. Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Kamal Aljabri pointed out that the symposium will shed lights on the latest information and research regarding the optimal use of this technology on the regional and international level.

About 120 Yemeni, Arabic, and foreign experts are participating in the symposium, which is organized by Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and sponsored by the telecommunications companies (TeleYemen, Yemen Mobile, MTN Yemen, and Sabafon) discusses number of work papers on health and environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation as well as biological influences of them.

VP Receives Canadian medical team

April 29 ) Vice President Abdu-Rabu Mansour Hadi received on Saturday the Canadian medical team that is specialized in cancer diseases, headed by Marten Repson, who is currently visiting Yemen to carry out surgical operations for the stricken with cancer tumor. The visit aims to discuss facilitations to establish five specialized centers to treat cancer tumors in different Yemeni governorates.

Hadi was briefed by the Canadian team on the results of its visit to Hadhramout as well as discussions over establishing cancer tumors center in Mukalla.


YR 30 millions allocated for projects

April 29 ) Shabwa deputy governor Ali bin Rashid discussed on Saturday, with the technical officer of the US embassy in Sana'a, the mechanism of allocating and implementing basic development projects, which will be granted this year by the US embassy to Shabwa Governorate, according to priority in terms of actual needs.

The YR 30-million-worth US aids are divided into urgent and planned aids, and allocated for public health, education, agriculture, and irrigation sectors.

The meeting reviewed new directions of US aids, and stressed that offices concerned need to list and locate required projects.


New books to children rights society's library

April 27 ) The Children Rights Society in Aden could get more 5000 different titles, head of the society Abdullah Noaman said. The new books are for the library of the society's clinic that offers free treatment services for limited-income people in Aden. He said that almost 50% of Aden children visit the library to get different information.

He added that the local authority repaired and extended the clinic with YR 25 million to include more sections for expecting women, eye diseases, pharmacy and laboratory, pointing that the society has a plan to establish a unit to provide food for children who suffer malnutrition.

The society's plan will include field visits to secondary schools and delivering lectures on reasons of AIDS/HIV and protection against it in cooperation with the National Population Council.


Studies to setting up tourist resort in Yemen

April 26 ) A delegation of Canada's Chemical Vapour Metal Refining Inc. (CVMR) has studies possibilities of setting up a tourist resort in Maidi islands.

The delegation of the company held on Thursday a meeting with Hajjah governor Mohammed al-Harazi over natural features of the islands and possibilities of building the resort in one of the Maidi islands which enjoy international standards, at a total cost of $ 150 million.

Al-Harazi pointed out to the factors of investment in the governorate, voicing readiness of the governorate to offer all aspects of support to enable companies to carry out their investments successfully.

Camran Khozan, president and chief executive officer of CVMR said that the aim of the visit is to finalize studies over the project. He said that the project would create jobs for locals.