In brief [Archives:2007/1047/Local News]

May 3 2007


– Tribesmen protest property confiscation

May 2 ) Hundreds of tribesmen took to the streets in a peaceful march asking the governorate leadership to restore their lands, which they say were given to influential government officials. In a statement to, Brig. Badr Al-Ezeibi said that his tribesmen have been asking the authorities to restore their property and agricultural lands since 1990, but until now they have not reached any solution, even though President Ali Abdullah Saleh gave directions to the concerned authorities to return their confiscated property.


– Syndicates enraged over delaying hardship allowances

May 2 ) Taiz branches of Yemeni teachers and educational professions syndicates demanded the concerned authorities immediately give teachers, inspectors and other education workers their hardship allowances. The syndicates released a statement demanding that hardship allowances be delivered to education workers through an easy mechanism without any illegal deductions from the deserved sums. The syndicates welcomed statements by Taiz Education Office saying that as many as 28,387 male and female teachers will receive hardship allowances.


– Journalists quit media committee

May 1 ) The journalists Mansour Al-Najjar and Adel Ali Omar announced on Monday their withdrawal from the media committee on the National Unity's 17th Anniversary, due to be celebrated on May 22 in Ibb city. In a letter to Ibb Governor Brig. Ali Al-Qaisi, who is also the chairman of the celebrations' subcommittee, the two journalists justified their withdrawal from the media committee because of the daily attacks and violations targeting journalists in the governorate.


– US official acknowledges Yemen's anti-terrorism role

May 1 ) Director of US National Intelligence Michael McConnell said that Yemen is an active partner with the United States and the international community in combating terrorism, Yemen News Agency, Saba, reported on Tuesday. During his meeting with President Saleh, the U.S. official praised Yemen's efforts in the war on terrorism and noted his appreciation for the level of cooperation between security authorities in both states to attain security and stability in the region.

– Youth program's first batch celebrates graduation

May 2 ) The Youth Economic Development Center launched its graduation ceremony for 23 male and female students, the first batch that joined the program aimed at engaging youths in the civil community for the year 2006 – 2007. Director of the center Qabul Al-Motwakel clarified that the program aims to develop the capacities of Yemeni youths to effectively participate in the building of the civil community. Another goal of the project is to help youths to exchange experiences at the local, international and regional levels.

– Yemenis to replace foreign workforce

May 1 ) The Yemeni government is due to replace five thousand foreign workers with local staff in the health and educational sectors, The Yemen News Agency said. Director of Retired Peoples Affairs Department in the Ministry of Civil Service and Social Security Mohammed Abdu said that the replacements come as part of a government program to replace foreign workers with local staff. He indicated that the ministry stopped making contracts with foreign workers as of 2003.


– MP laid to rest

May 2 ) Hundreds of people paid homage Tuesday to the MP Ishfaq Mohammed Abdurrazaq, who died in Al-Sa'eed Hospital in Taiz from a traffic accident last Friday on the Taiz-Hodeida Highway. The deceased's son Mohammed, 8, also died while his wife and sister were injured and are now receiving treatment at the hospital. The funeral was attended by hundreds of diplomats, senior government officials, party leaders and citizens.