In brief [Archives:2007/1050/Local News]

May 14 2007


Workshop on school health

May 12 ) In cooperation with World Health Organization and the General Administration for School Health in the capital city, the Ministry of Public Health & Population along with the Ministry of Education are organizing a workshop on preparing the national plan for school health over the period of May 13 – 15. Taking place at the Sana'a-based Higher Institute for Health Sciences, the workshop discusses the issues related to school health. It also discusses the necessary steps and mechanisms for activating school health nationwide.

New banking systems workshop

May 12 ) Under the auspices of Justice Minister Ghazi Shayef Al-Aghbari, activities of the special workshop on financial payment and electronic banking systems began Saturday. Organized by the Yemeni Center for Legal Business Development, the 4-day workshop is to discuss the financial payment and electronic banking systems according to the Law No. 40 of 2006. The event is due to be attended by experts from several Arab countries and many commercial court judges.


Course on media

and communication

May 12 ) In cooperation with Health & Population Support Program, part of the National Population Council's General Secretariat, the Information Ministry's Media and Population Communication Program started a training course for media personnel. Undersecretary of the Information Ministry Hussein Omar Basalim, who is also the program executive director, clarified that the workshop aims to train as many as 35 media personnel, who came from the concerned parties in the governorate.


Tribal effort culminates

with ceasefire

May 12 ) Headed by Sheikh Abdullah Salem Al-Humeiqani, tribesmen from Al Humeiqan Tribe in Al-Beidha went to Al-Teffa Village last week and mitigated a dispute between Ahl Hadi and Ahl Sa'ad tribes, which led to gunfire between both sides for 17 days, leaving several killed and others injured. The mediators helped the conflicting tribes reach a ceasefire and release those detained by the security authorities in the governorate with the aim of pressuring the tribes to cease the gunfire.


Investor enraged

over sheep seizure

May 12 ) The Towahi Airport authorities, Aden, are still seizing nearly 600 sheep on board a ship belonging to Al-Awlaqi Company for Navigation and Trade after the agriculture office in the governorate refused to allow the ship to unload the sheep at the airport. The procedure enraged the company as the authorities demanded that the ship sail to the Makha Airport since there is no quarantine in Aden. According to the company manager Ahmad Al-Awlaqi, more than 125 sheep died while being held aboard the ship.


US Embassy contributes to schools rehabilitation

May 12 ) In cooperation with Hadramout Institution for Human Development, Embassy of the United States of America in Sana'a is due to contribute to renovating some schools in Al-Wadi and Al-Sahra districts of Hadramout governorate. Deputy Governor of Hadramout, Ahmad Al-Junaid, praised the efforts exerted so far by the American Embassy in this sector, confirming that necessary information and data will be provided in order to carry out the project.