In brief [Archives:2007/1051/Local News]

May 17 2007


QIF marks Palestinian Cause 59th Anniversary

May 16 ) Yemen's Office of Qods International Foundation (QIF) organized last Wednesday a symposium entitled 'Quds is the Responsibility of Islamic Nations' at the Zaituna Oasis Center, opposite to the University Hotel. Dr. Fawaz Al-Bishtawi, QIF General Manager, said in a statement that the symposium comes as a part of a program to confront all the forms of Zionist aggression that attempts to erase the Palestinian Identity and heritage, as well as the rights of Palestinians to live peacefully in their land. He expressed his deep sorrow over the acts of vandalism exercised by the Zionists.

Yemen, Cuba mark 34th Anniversary of ties

May 15 ) Yemen and Cuba marked on Sunday the 35th Anniversary of establishing relations between both states. On the occasion, the Cuban Embassy in Sana'a held a big party in the presence of many senior Yemeni government officials, media personnel, and members of the Cuban community in Yemen. The First Deputy of the Cuban Foreign Minister Rodriguez Parrilla and his Yemeni counterpart Mohialdeen Al-Dhabi reviewed results of the formal discussions that helped develop mutual cooperation between the two countries in different areas.

Comoros students to join Yemeni universities

May 15 ) The Yemeni government said it is ready to train students from the Comoros Island in its universities, Yemen News Agency, Saba, quoted a Comoros official as saying on Tuesday. Prior to his departure from Yemen's territory, Comoros' Minister of Information, Islamic Affairs, and Human Rights, Madi Ali, said that Comoros staff and students are due to receive training at Yemeni universities. The Comoros official held talks with Yemeni dignitaries on the means of enhancing relations in religious guidance, information, and human right areas.


Workshop on Yemen's Reunification

May 15 ) Under the slogan, 'For more unity and comprehensive development', Ibb University organized on Tuesday a scientific workshop on the Yemeni Unity and the Third Millennium. As many as 29 academics from different government universities along with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Education and the Research Center, as well as experts from the Shoura Council participated in the workshop. Opening the workshop, Saleh Bassurra, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research reviewed a work paper entitled “The Historic Background of Yemeni Unity”.


Marib tribesmen protest soldier's murder

May 15 ) Tens of Mareb tribesmen went to Hodeida governorate and protested the murder of a police soldier who was killed in Hodeida after he had just arrived from Sa'ada. The citizen Ghaleb Muhsen Al-Ansi, brother of the victim, Mutahhar Muhsen Al-Ansi, said, “On Saturday's afternoon, we were informed of the murder of my brother, who was on board a coach. A traffic man gets into the coach after it collided with another vehicle and asked my brother to submit his pistol, when he refused to do so, the traffic men shot him dead.”


JMP urge citizens to protest government policy

May 15 ) Joint Meeting Parties' leadership in Hajjah called on the governorate locals to protest and oppose the policy followed by General People Congress's government in different areas. The JMP leadership released a statement, demanding the GPC's government to put an end to the starvation and fulfil the pledges it made ahead of the most recent presidential and local council elections. It urged citizens to insist on the government to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment, improve the living standards of people, and create more job opportunities for youths.