In brief [Archives:2007/1052/Local News]

May 21 2007


YPS elects Dhamar's branch president

May 19 ) The Yemeni Physicians Syndicate (YPS) elected last Thursday Dr. Hassan Al-Hureibi as the president for its Dhamar branch at a press conference, which was attended by some 45 male, female doctors, a representative from the social affairs office, and leaders of civil community organization in the governorate. In the conference, participants elected the branch's board including Dr. Sami Al-Shara'abi and Dr. Mohammed Al-Mussali. Secretary-General of YPS Dr. Abdulqawi Al-Shamiri gave a speech at the event emphasising the necessity of union work to defend the rights of physicians and medical workers.


Police raid trade stores

May 19 ) Security forces in Qataba district, Al-Dhale' governorate, stormed on Friday trade stores in Al-Fakher Market, located on the Ibb – Qataba highway, and arrested nearly ten citizens among them bus drivers and tradesmen. Eyewitnesses told that armed vehicles, belonging to security authorities, patrolled markets, check up trade stores, and broke down their doors in search of explosives. Policemen indicated that they received reports from citizens that a car, loaded with explosives and grenades, left Qataba city and drove toward Ibb.


Engineers Syndicate protests management's ignorance

May 19 ) The Executive Office of Engineers Syndicate at Yemen Airways released last Thursday a statement saying that the company's management ignores discussing their issues. The syndicate did not expect that the company's management will postpone discussing their situation after the syndicate's executive office confirmed it is ready and serious to reach reasonable solutions to the engineers' persistent issues. “The executive office affirms that its members are highly responsible of creating possible solutions to the persisting issues in order to help the company avoid any bad consequences,” the statement reads.


SCS supports social activities

May 19 ) Save the Children Sweden (SCS) and Al-Amal Charitable Association signed a support deal, under which the former offers technical support and expertise for the project of youth function development and productive families. Chairman of the Association Adel Mabrouk told Yemen News Agency, Saba, that the three-month project will focus on activating the community's cultural, sporting, and technical role, starting with 108 gifted youths. The project is due to contribute to qualifying as many as 1400 families to enhance their role in the community.


JICA launches girls' education project

May 19 ) In collaboration with the Girls' Education Unit in Taiz's Education Office, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) organized last Thursday a ceremony on launching the second stage of the JICA-run Project to Extend Local Initiative to Girls Education. The Taiz Education Office Director Mahdi Abdussalam explained that the different stages of the project will target 95 schools in six districts of Taiz governorate. Further, he indicated that the number of schoolgirls in the targeted areas increased from 5327 in 2004 up to 7484 in 2005.


Prosecution investigates drug smugglers

May 20 ) The Specialised Penal Prosecution began last Saturday interrogating two men and a woman seized with their possession of 123kg of drugs,, the ruling party's website, reported Saturday. It quoted a prosecution source as saying that policemen captured the three persons at Al-Qafla checkpoint in the governorate of Amran on Tuesday while they were on board a car trying to smuggle 123 kg of narcotics. The detainees were handed over to the prosecution which began interrogating them while the concerned authorities alleged that the accused persons are from the restive governorate of Sa'ada.