In brief [Archives:2007/1058/Local News]

June 11 2007


– Chess championship starts

June 9 ) The National Championship for Chess – 2nd level has started yesterday and will continue until the 13th of this month. Coming from 18 governorates, participants from 26 clubs will compete for the title. The first four winners will compete again in a second round for the first level title, while the losers will settle in for second and third levels.

– UN anti-drug delegation in Sana'a

June 9 ) A delegation from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is visiting Yemen currently to continue cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and security forces in fighting organized crime, as well as drug use and dealing. The delegation will meet with several concerned authorities in order to assess the situation in Yemen in order to assist Yemen in its fight against drugs and organized crime.


– 100 sponsored eye surgeries

June 8 ) Taiba Charity has completed its charity project “Light caravan for fighting blindness”, through which 100 eye operations were carried out for poor people in Abyan in four days. The operations were conducted at Rasad General Hospital in Yafe'. So far the project has sponsored 600 glaucoma treatment and lens implantation with the assistance of charity people and well wishers from all around the republic.


– Workshop on poor youth issues

June 8 ) Sixty young men and women from Dar Sa'ad and Shaiekh Othman districts in Aden governorate came together through a two-day workshop to discuss their issues as youth coming from poor communities and seeking solutions for them. The workshop was sponsored by “Save the Children – Sweden” in partnership with “Al-Amal Charity” and the Jordanian youth development program “Naseej”. The workshop aimed at increasing the level of awareness among youth living in poor areas and means to empower them to improve their life.

UNHCR-Aden funds

– training for female refugees

June 8 ) Twenty five female Somali refugees benefited from a training course on how to manage income-generating projects in Aden. The training was organized by Al-Tadhamun Association for one week and was funded by the UNHCR branch in Aden. The training included education on sewing, food making, and incense creation projects and how to manage the accounts and ensure the return on investment and gain profits.


– Academic staff trained in scientific research and planning

June 8 ) A two-day workshop on how to draw plans and scientific research concluded this week at University of Dhamar. The workshop which is the second of its kind organized by the academic development department at the university targeting professors and academics in order to enhance their abilities and hence the level of education in the University.


– Integrating students with disabilities in schools

June 8 ) Over six days, 20 male and female teachers from schools in Sayoun, Shibam, and Al-Saoum cities have been trained on methodology and practices of how to integrate students with disabilities in public schools. Members of the physically disabled society were present at the workshop to assist in the training and provide their input to the course. The workshop is yet another achievement of the Social Fund of Development in Hadramout which aims at society development and enhancing the education system and environment in the governorate.