In brief [Archives:2007/1060/Local News]

June 18 2007


Four tons of foodstuff destroyed

June 13 ) Four tons of various expired food products have been destroyed in Seyra district in Aden governorate. The food products were confiscated from the market by the General Works Office at the governorate after field visits to shops and restaurants in the district.

No swimming in Aden Gulf

June 14 ) Aden Gulf Marine Authority warned citizens of swimming in the sea starting from now until end of September. This is a dangerous season for both fishing and swimming because of the high waves and sea storms. This warning is a regular one that takes place every year during this season.


Visit to the park for children with disabilities

June 16 ) One hundred and fifty child with disability enjoyed a day full of fun at Al-Sabeen entertainment park in Sana'a last week. The trip was sponsored by the Physically Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Association which carries out such trips at the end of every academic year for its students.


New college for girls

June 16 ) A college of education will be established soon for girls in Saihout district in Al-Mahara governorate. The college will be affiliated to Hadramout Science and Technology University and will be focusing on scientific studies such as Physics, Mathematics, and English. The college is anticipated to cover a dire need for higher education for girls and hence will cover the districts requirement of female teachers once the first batch graduates.


Investing in youth talents during summertime

June 17 ) A discussion round was organised on Saturday at Taiz University on how to invest in youth talents during summer vacation. The round was organized by the university in coordination with Al-Jumhouria Newspaper. A number of working papers and recommendations were given during the discussion regarding the role of cultural and social establishments in promoting talents and creativity of the youth and how to utilize their free time especially during the summer. Some of the discussions were about the serious influence of satellite channels on the youth and how many entertainment program may cause negative impacts on the Yemeni youth personalities.


spread of locusts in AlJawf and Marib governorates

June 16 ) Because of the wide spread of locusts in AlJawf and Marib governorates, locust combating specialists have headed to the infected areas armed with pesticides. In Marib, the density of desert winged locusts reached 13 locusts per one square meters and the total infected area is about two square kilometres. A unit from the National Center for Combating Locusts has been sent to the area to control the spread of the locusts and to prevent them from breeding. The head of the center indicated that the situation is under control especially that the circumstances are not favourable for mating and he suspected that the locusts will be out of the governorates within the next few days.


Electronic library network launched

June 17 ) The National Library of Aden has added a new service to its customers through the inauguration of an electronic library through which the various online journals and electronic materials are included. The network connects the various departments of 16 computers and contains an indexing mechanism of the current publications within the library. It will facilitate the visitors research and their access to information.