In brief [Archives:2007/1064/Local News]

July 2 2007


Dangers of Mercury

June 30 ) Dangers of Mercury, the element not the planet, were discussed over two days, and concluded today Monday July 1, in a workshop organized by the General Authority for Protecting the Environment. The workshop discussed how to use equipments measuring mercury radiation and identifying the percentage which is dangerous for man. The 40 participants are employees of the authority in the department of environment monitoring and evaluation department, as well from other relevant sectors. The training was provided by an international expert from the United National Environment Program.

Blog for Yemeni scriptures

July 1 ) With a total cost of 400 thousand euros, Italy's foreign ministry is sponsoring a creation of a blog for Yemeni inscriptions. The project is a joint venture between Yemen's Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry and the Italian government. It aims at documenting inscriptions, ancient alphabets, and its translations.

The Yemeni Ministry of Culture along with the General Authority for Antiques are going to ease access to the historical monuments and antiquities in Yemeni museums as well as those in the documentation storages.

Female chess players participate in regional competition

June 30 ) Four female players travelled on Sunday with their coach to Damascus in Syria to compete in the Third Arab Clubs Championships organized July 1-10. The ladies are the champions of the Kamaran female Chess Club who have won third place in the first and second clubs competitions previously.


Fifth literary festival

July 1 ) The fifth literary festival will be conducted in Mukala, July 20-25. The festival, which will be organized by the Yemeni Writers Union, will focus on Hadrami writers and poets with contributions from Yemeni intellectuals around the country. The previous festival was conducted in Aden where a number of prestigious Yemeni poets and writers were awarded for their contribution to Yemeni literature.

Gulf stars caravan in Mukalla

June 30 ) The Gulf Stars caravan has arrived to Mukalla port on Saturday in preparation for the Fourth City Tourism Festival occurring in the period of July 19 to August 10. The festival will include numerous activities and cultural events, in addition to creating an entertainment city, which will be stationed at the Balfaqieh Center square. The caravan was welcomed by 150 young men from all over the governorate displaying a live parade.


10 summer camps

July 1 ) The summer camp authority in Marib, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has finalized the action plan for the summer camps this year. There will be 10 summer camps starting on July 10 for boys and girls in four districts around the governorate. The camps' programs were finalized as well to include scouts activities, cultural events, artwork, hand crafts, and awareness sessions in history and environment.


Physiological support and disaster management training

June 30 ) A seven-day training on how to face disasters and how to provide physiological support for the distressed victims of disaster concluded on Saturday. The training, which included 30 participants and organized by the Yemeni Red Crescent in Dhamar along with the International Red Cross Organization. Dhamar faced the most disastrous earthquake in 1981 and is prone to earthquakes. The training would enable youth in the city to be more equipped in facing such disasters and assisting in the recovery process. The training also poses as an opportunity to encourage young Yemenis to be active in volunteering activities and social work.