In brief [Archives:2007/1067/Local News]

July 12 2007


– Public libraries and

information centres services

July 11 ) The General Book Authority in cooperation with the Local Administration Ministry are working on a national education program through which the establishment of public libraries and free information centres will be implemented. The libraries and centres will be established in Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Hadramout, and Hudaiedah as a first phase. This project comes under the framework of the Book Authority annual plan.


– Twin joined at the head

July 10 ) Joined at the head a twin was born on Monday at Al-Jumhouri hospital in Taiz. Doctors, who were monitoring the pregnancy since its sixth month, carried out a caesarean and say both mother and babies are in good health. However there are risks that one of the babies would die during the separation operation, which is supposed to take place in the future. It is unknown yet where or when the twin will be separated.


– National sports competition start

July 11 ) The track and field national sports competition started Monday in Ibb sports stadium. Competitors come from various clubs in Shabwa, Al-Baidha, Taiz, Abyan and Sa'ada governorates. The adult sports competition: include 100 meters run, 200 meters run, 1500 meters run, Javelin throw, triple jump. And junior competition including 100 meters run and Javelin throw. Only the first two clubs will qualify for the first season.


– Children with disability

July 10 ) A training course on how to treat children with disability started this week in Lahj and continues until Thursday. The course, in which 50 mothers of disabled children participated, is funded by Rada Barnen, Save the Children – Sweden, and hosted by the Social Affairs office at the governorate. Statistics from a field survey in Lahj, which targeted all kinds of disabilities and covered 386 families, show that there are 625 disability cases, 402 males and 223 females.


– Medical military caravan continues support

July 10 ) The Medical Military caravan is carrying out its eighth community service in Hadramout. The caravan consists of forty physicians distributed in four teams each targeting a remote area in Hadramout that does not get much access to health care. The teams provide free medical aid and medicines to locals and facilitate the treatment of those who need to be transferred to the military hospital in Sana'a.


– Fraud degrees

July 9 ) The dean of the Computer Science College of the Yemeni University in Hudeidha was charged with fraud because of selling fake degrees. Apparently, the dean was taking liberty in creating fraud certificates and faking the university's stamp to endorse these certificates and sell them to whomever wants, including a shopkeeper. The price for a four years computer science degree ranges from 100$ to 250$ depending on the buyer and the grade.


– First youth and security summer camp

July 11 ) Lasting for one month, the first summer camp for youth and security started Tuesday at the Police Officers Club in Aden. This summer, the governorate aims at involving youth in security issues and making them more aware of their responsibilities as young citizens in promoting the stability of the country. Fifty participants are included in the camp.