In brief [Archives:2007/1071/Local News]

July 23 2007


– Confiscating and prosecution of cement retailers

July 24 ) The general authority for cement prosecuted 150 of its authorized retailers because of manipulating the prices and cheating on customers. The cement authority confirmed that there is no increase in the cement prices and that because of the increasing demand on cement the retailers used the opportunity to raise the prices. The authority has created a committee whose job is to monitor this issue and stabilize the prices around the republic.

– 3 million Riyals for best sports journalist and sports publication

July 24 ) In an attempt to promote sports culture and journalism in Yemen, the Ministry of Sports and Youth announced two awards, one worth one million Yemeni Riyals for the best sports journalist and the other worth two million Yemeni Riyals for the newspaper that best covers sports and youth issues. The Ministry specified the criteria for winning which will be announced at the end of this year.


– Dead giant whale dumped on shore

July 24 ) The waves of Aden coast in Sira district threw a 3 and half tons dead whale into the shore earlier this week. The whale which is 13 meters long is one of the migrating fish whose journey was unfortunately came to an end before it reached its destination in the Indian ocean. The whale's body seemed to have scars in the stomach and some other parts of the body, which could be attributed to the fan blades of large ships.

– Louver 3D photo exhibition concludes

July 24 ) After lasting for one month, the 3D photography exhibition, depicting the famous French museum the Louver, has concluded this week in Aden. The exhibition included 12 3D photos of the various sections of the museum, which is more than 200 years old, in addition to a photo display of the various art pieces in the museum. The purpose of the exhibition is to familiarize the Yemeni public to this famous art collection and create a cultural link between Yemen and France.


– Environment projects management training

July 25 ) A two-week training course on environment protection management has started this week in Socatra with the participation of 12 environment technicians and specialists. The training is organized by the general authority for environment protection in cooperation with the management house institute in Sana'a.

The training highlighted effective management techniques, delegation skills, team leading, decision-making, as well as community mobilization among other issues.


– Information technology centre inaugurated

July 25 ) the first information technology centre at the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry's Office in Mukalla was inaugurated this week. The Ministry of Communication, which launched the opening of information technology centre, highlighted the facilities available in the centre and how students, researchers and staff can benefit from them. The centre's introduction was carried on for two days, funded by the Dutch project for information technology.


– Committees to assess damages for compensation

July 25 ) Headed by Sa'ada governor Mutahar Al-Masri, an expanded meeting was held to evaluate the damages caused by the crises in Sa'ada that affected the houses and properties of the citizens in the area. The committee will start field visits soon to evaluate the damages so as to suggest compensations, urging the authorities to pay the compensations to the citizens as soon as possible.