In brief [Archives:2007/1073/Local News]

August 2 2007


– Al-Qahira Fort renovated

July 31 ) The renovation works of the historic Al-Qahira Fort in Taiz are in their final stages. The site will be in full shape by the end of this year, according to Taiz governor, after a restoration project that lasted for three years. The project which costs around 2.5 billion Yemeni Riyals will transform the ruins into a tourist attraction with entertainment and recreation facilities.


– Palm harvest festival in Socatra

July 31 ) Many of the Socatra people living and working around the Republic and in the UAE are returning to their towns to celebrate the Palm trees harvest. This is an annual celebration which calls on the locals to come back home and celebrate the season despite the heavy rains and stormy weather.


– French Avian show in Sana'a skies

July 31 ) Starting a four-day avian sports show, Four French pilots have flown into Sana'a sky. The show comes as a part of the Sana'a Summer festival, which would last until the end of summertime.

– Body building regional Championship

July 31 ) The 15th body building regional championship for men and the 11th body regional building championship for youth started Wednesday in Sana'a. With participants from 12 Arab countries the event will last until the fifth of this month. It is organized by the general Union for Body Building and Wrestling in Yemen. The guest participants will enjoy tourist and recreation activities as sideline events of the championship.

– Modern Arts exhibition

August 1 ) Artist Intisar Al-Shaibani will be displaying a collection of her art work and paintings at Al-Afif Cultural centre started yesterday until coming Wednesday. She commented on her paintings that they reflect her experiences and emotions and how she connects with colours.

– Rada Barnen welcomes child Parliament

August 1 ) Save the Children – Sweden is carrying out a three-day event with members of the Children's Parliament ending today. The event aims at identifying the priorities of Yemeni children through their representatives and how to include these priorities in the State's plans and strategies.


– Red Cross delegation visits women's prison

July 31 ) A delegation from the Red Cross office in Sana'a paid a visit to the women's prison in Al-Mansoura, Aden. The delegation reviewed the activities and capacity-building trainings the women receive while serving their sentences as well as the mental and physical health services provided to them by the Women relief Association.


– Kung fu Championship launched

July 30 ) At the closed sport hall in Marib, the kung fu national championship started Monday. Sixty two players from Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Dhamar, Hudeidah, Lahj, Ibb, and Mahwait are participating in the competition. Minster of Youth and Sports attended the launching match, which lead to Sana'a player winning the first place.


– Outdoors cycling competition

August 1 ) The General Union for Cycling is preparing to participate in the fifth tourist festival to take place in Ibb on the sixth of this month with an outdoors cycling race. So far, 200 men of various age groups, coming from all over the Republic, have registered in the race.