In brief [Archives:2007/1074/Local News]

August 6 2007


Taiba medical camp

Aug 3 ) The twenty fifth Taiba medical camp has been launched in Taiz in two hospitals. The camp is organized by Taiba charity in cooperation with the health office and will continue until the 17th of this month. The physicians participating in the camp aim at carrying out 500 free cosmetic surgeries, ANT and Paediatric operations. The medical team, specialized in the above-mentioned fields, comes from KSA and Yemen


Famous musician promises to train 50 gifted children

Aug 4 ) Renowned Yemeni artists Abdulrab Idress expressed his will to train 50 12 year olds in Yemeni, gulf, and Arab music. The artist agreed with the Minister of Culture to create a scholarship program for gifted children and he will supervise their learning at the creative arts institute.

Al-Saleh International Championship for Chess

Aug 5 ) The General Chess Union is preparing for the sixth Al-Saleh International Chess Championship to be carried out between the 22nd and the 31st of this month. The competition will take place at Aden Hotel and will include participants from 21 Arab, Asian, and European countries. Yemen will participate with a team of 43 players, half of whom are recognized internationally.


“Love and Revenge” soap opera underway

Aug 5 ) The shooting of the Yemeni soap opera “Love and Revenge” has started yesterday in Mahwait. Director Abdulwaziz Al-Harazi has selected the scenarios in Mahwait for 16 episodes of the serial. The story, which was written by scenarioist, Ali Al-Sayani talks about the revenge phenomena in Yemen and the struggle between good and evil. The director promised an exciting series while reflecting the beautiful countryside and architecture in Mahwait.

Training on women's rights

Aug 3 ) A trainer-qualifying course on women's rights was carried out for one week by the Ministry of Endowment in cooperation with the UNFPA. The course, which concluded last Thursday, included 17 females who were trained on communication skills, gender concepts from Islamic perspective, and reproductive health issues. The training included how to advocate for women's rights in education, health, and the equality between men and women as well as fighting all forms of violence against women.


Trio line up between the moon, Mars, and the Pleiades

Aug 4 ) Yemeni astronomer Ahmed Al-Joubi confirmed that people living in Sana'a will be able to witness an event that takes place once every 13 years. The moon, Marz, and Pleiades will be lined up horizontally on Tuesday (tomorrow) at dawn. He also confirmed that Pleiades would be eclipsed by the moon in North American, north of the Atlantic Ocean, and the North Pole.

80 policewomen trained

Aug 4 ) The general authority for women and juveniles at the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with UNICEF has concluded two training courses for policewomen. The courses aimed at enhancing the capacities and skills of Yemeni female security officers and qualify them in human rights as well as in international codes. The first course included a training for 40 policewomen from around the Republic, whereas the second one included a training for 40 policewomen from Sana'a governorate.