In brief [Archives:2007/1076/Local News]

August 13 2007


Talent show of Sana'a youth

Aug 12 ) Starting today the events of the talents show of Sana'a youth will be continuing for five days. This is the first show of its kind and will be organized at Saif Bin the Yazan School at Al-Tahrir Square in which an exhibition will display productions of the Yemeni youth. Eighty summer centers will participate with productions of their talented youth in the exhibition in drawing, sculpture, handicrafts, and scientific creations, which were created by the young talents during the Summer. The best exhibits will be awarded.


Enhancing university lecturers' performance

Aug 12 ) Universities of Taiz and Dhamar are organizing an international conference on enhancing performance of university lecturers for two days. The conference, which will take place in Taiz, will include experts from Yemen and abroad. Thirty two scientific research and working paper will be presented in the conference which will be divided into six themes, most important of which is the role of the university lecturers in achieving the purpose of universities and the career development of their professors as well as the requirements of higher education staff.


19th medical camp

Aug 11 ) The nineteenth medical camp in Marib started two days ago and will continue for two weeks. It was organized by the Ministry of Health and includes services in eye diseases, ANT, general surgery, skin diseases tc.

The Ministry of Health carried out field visits to the President's hospital where the camp took place and evaluated its requirements of equipments and staff before the camp started. The first phase of the camp continues for one week and aims at carrying 400 free operations as well as providing medications for more than 3000 cases.


Tourism preparations for Khaliji 20

Aug 12 ) The general authority for tourism development in Aden has finalized its plan in preparation for Khaliji 20, the sport events to take place in Aden at end of 2010. The plan includes improving the accommodation services through hotels and rental apartments as well as enhancing the outdoor recreation parks and gardens tc. The plan also includes improving the transportation network especially from the hotels to the ground fields where the sport events will take place.


Locusts attack agricultural lands

Aug 11 ) Head of the agriculture and irrigation office in Rada'a at Al-Baidha governorate reported that great amounts of desert locusts have attacks agricultural lands of an area estimated around 500 hectares. The locusts attacked crops, vegetable, and fruit plantations. He confirmed that the monsoon season and heavy floods are partially responsible for the increased breeding of locusts in Rada'a, which has not witnessed an attack of locusts at this level for a long time. Further, he indicated that his department is in close coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and the center for fighting desert locusts in Sana'a so as to exert more efforts to deal with this plague.


Awareness activities on AIDS

Aug 12 ) The General Health and Population office in Mahwait governorate is planning a number of educational and awareness activities on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases during the second half of this year. The activities include field visits, distribution of leaflets and brochures, as well as information communication methods to barbers, physicians, and medical staff. Youth camps and assembly points will be one of the main targets for the awareness activities.