In brief [Archives:2007/1080/Local News]

August 27 2007


Implementing 98 drinking water projects in Ibb

Aug. 24 ) At present, 98 drinking water projects are being implemented in Ibb governorate's districts for about a billion and 74 millions YRs, from which 244 thousands people will benefit.

Najeeb Dammaj, the general manager of the general corporation branch for the countryside water. The implementation is included in the projects of the exceptional plan for the celebrations of the 17th national day of Yemen in this governorate.

Dammaj clarified that the exceptional plan's projects include 45 new wells as well as supplying and assembling 15 pumps. The investment plan's projects include 9 components for water drinking tanks and pumps with water pipes. All those had been financed by the government with about 340 millions and YR 500 thousands, including other projects.


A training program in moving dolls theater technology

Aug 25 ) Ibhar Corporation for Childhood and Creativity in cooperation with UNICIF and the social services in Aden held activities of the training course in the technology of moving Dolls Theater within August 22-29.

20 children from streets are targeted to be trained on dolls Theater. Such course focuses on giving children the chance to express their opinions, conditions, and creativity in the fields they are interested in.

Preparations for broadcasting the second channel

Aug 25 ) The chairman of the Yemeni Corporation for Radio and Television Abdullah al-Zalab surveyed with the people in charge of the second channel and Aden radio the preparations for receiving Ramadan and its prepared programs' map.

He confirmed the necessity of making the map for this great religious occasion, which will be coincident with the nation's celebrations of the 26th of September, the 14th of October, and 30th of November, to be for fulfilling the interaction between the media and the audience.

Distributing 202 weak-hearing sets for kids.

Handicapped qualifying and caring fund distributed special sets of weak hearing for children. The fund presented already 102 sets costing YR 20 millions. Recently, it has distributed 100 sets for the handicapped children for about YR 19 millions and 500 thousands.


Scouts in action

Aug 25 ) The Arabic study activities for the leaders of the scouts, which have 48 participants from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Emirates, are being carried out within August 23-30. The aim of this study is to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants and to strengthen the relationships among the participating countries.


Mechanisms of easing oil companies' activities

Aug. 23 ) Shabwa governor Ali al-Maqdashi discussed on Thursday with local authority officials, sheikhs and dignitaries of Markah al-Sufla and Jardan districts here mechanisms of easing activities of oil and gas companies working in the two districts.

The meeting also reviewed people's needs in terms of these companies' activities according to previous agreements over local labour in foreign companies operating in the governorate and giving them priority to work with these companies.