In brief [Archives:2007/1083/Local News]

September 6 2007


– First festival for blind women

Sept 5 ) Al-Aman Foundation for blind women will be launching its first festival for blind females on Sept 10. The foundation will be launching the national day for blind women in Yemen on that very day. The day comes in recognition of the abilities of blind women as productive members of the society.

– Political parties and women during elections

Sept 4 ) The role of political parties in promoting women as candidates in the coming Parliamentarian elections 2009 will be discussed in a seminar coming Saturday Sept 8. The Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights foundation at the second democratic forum organizes the seminar.

– 17 EU scholarships out for grabs

Sept 4 ) The European Union Erasmus Mundus is offering 17 scholarships for higher education degrees for Yemenis based on competition. The program runs in partnership with Sana'a and the Science and Technology Universities, as well as Universities of Dhamar and Ibb.


– 2008 investment budget

Sept 5 ) Thirty executive office and 12 local council in the districts of Dhamar governorate are participating in the making of the 2008 investment budget.


– Modern irrigation techniques

Sept 5 ) modern irrigation techniques were the highlight of the one-day workshop organized by the Ministry of Agriculture's office in the governorate. Fifteen agricultural specialists and guides participated in the workshop, which aims at minimizing the waste of underground water.


– Rural development project

Sept 5 ) Rural development project in animal zones covered a wide range of activities and projects in Taiz since it started in 2005. The project has recently conducted a number of awareness workshops to accompany the productive activities regarding animal wealth care and dairy products.


– National campaign against cancer

Sept 5 ) The foundation stone of a cancer treatment health center has been laid in Ibb as the land for the project has been secured this week. The local council in Ibb promised th eland while the governor called on charitable people to donate to the Al-Amal Center for cancer treatment at Al-Thawra General Hospital in Ibb. Currently the center is treating 249 cases with an overall cost of around 144 million Yemeni Riyals.


– Assistance to fishermen

Sept 4 ) The Yemeni Coast Guards Authority has started a charity project in which items and in-kind goods are distributed among fishermen in Aden, Abyan, and Lahj. The items include schoolbooks and bags and uniforms for the children, and fishing equipments for the fathers.


– Optical fibers network underway

Sept 5 ) The digging for a 96 kilometres long optical fibers cable network between Yemen and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is almost completed. The project costs almost 350 million Yemeni riyals and the 36 fiber cable will improve the communication services in the region.