In brief [Archives:2007/1084/Local News]

September 10 2007


– Gender budget auditing

Sept 9 ) The Women National Committee in cooperation with the UNFPA organized a three-day workshop on gender auditing. The workshop aimed at presenting other experiences on gender-balanced budgets and how to ensure a more sensitized plan to gender issues.

– Children Parliament visits governorates

Sept 9 ) The children's parliament started its visits around the republic to survey locals' aptitude to registering their newborns and issuing birth certificates for their children. Especially that the state had exempted the citizens from the fees to issue such certificates.

– Smart woman's center

Sept 8 ) Smart woman's center was established last week by the family development sector of Al-Islah Charity. The center aims at providing women with opportunities to learn new skills and develop their capacities in order to become more independent and productive in the society.


– Fresh batch of Quran studies graduates

Sept 9 ) Fifty eight male and female Quran students celebrated their graduation, which was organized by Hael Saeed An'am Charity. Chairman of the board of directors of the An'am group said it is important to hold strongly to the tolerant principles of Islam away from fanaticism.

– WB supports infrastructure projects

Sept 7 ) The second phase of Municipal Development Project and other infrastructure projects supplied by the organization funded by the WB are on their way to be completed. Protecting Taiz against flood to enable it to be the ideal governorate in establishing governmental and local compounds, are of the main projects.


– Confiscating meat and vegetables container

Sept 8 ) The animal wealth and veterinarian authority confiscated a container that included 16 tons of meat and vegetables after it was found unsuitable for human consumption. The authorities reported that the food was rotten and the container had a bad smell.

– Junior swimming competition

Sept 8 ) The General Union for Swimming concludes its first championship for juniors at the police officers club in Aden. The championship includes 48 participants from 8 governorates of Yemen in four swimming techniques.


– Annual exhibition of crafts

Sept 8 ) The annual exhibition for handicrafts created by women was conduced by the women-training center in cooperation with the reproductive health program. The exhibition included fashion designs, knitted clothes, home care products, embroidery tc.

– Archeological explorations and surveys

Sept 8 – historical and archeological sites in Dhamar are being documented these days by a team of national and international experts. The project will last for three months and is hoped to preserve historic sites and prevent destruction of monuments.


– 20th medical camp

Sept 8 ) So far the camp 1650 cases were treated and 250 surgeries were conducted at Shaheed Abdulmughni Hospital in Ibb. This comes under the 20th medical camp organized by the ministry of health. The camp administration hopes to treat 2500 patients and carry out 450 surgeries total during the two weeks camp.