In brief [Archives:2007/1087/Local News]

September 20 2007


– Identifying 13 merchants violating consumer safety measures

Sept. 18 ) The Ministry of Trade and Commerce office in Taiz governorate has confronted 13 merchants in the governorate who had been playing with prices and violating consumer safety standards. The merchants are accused of retailing products at a very high price and were caught by the chamber established to monitor trade in the governorate. They will be refereed to the judiciary system, in order to break the monopoly and instate the rule of law.


– Arresting a rapist and murderer

Sept. 18 ) Authorities were successful in arresting a murderer who is accused of raping and murdering a teenage girl in Hodaidah. The police got a tip from the locals on the whereabouts of the suspects. When they surrounded his residence he opened fire at them causing an injury of one the policemen. He escaped the police temporary and after an 8-hour chase they finally caught him and sent him to custody for investigation and trial.


– First dentistry conference in Aden

Sept. 19 ) The first dentistry conference organized by the college of medicine at Aden University will be conducted between 20 and 22 coming November. The preparation committee is working on the details of the conference, which aims at improving the dentistry services and providing an opportunity for information exchange in the discipline.


– Military table tennis tournament

Sept. 18 ) The military table tennis tournament has started this week in which 9 military units participate. The competition is of two groups, the first includes military police, communication and systems, aviation college, air force, and the supreme military academy. The second group includes the first armed unit, military college, and training center.

– Environmental awareness workshop concludes

Sept. 18 ) Life Makers Forum has concluded a one-week workshop on environment protection organized by the environment protection authority and environment education in Sana'a. Twenty-five participants received information and training on recycling domestic waste, and adopting environmental friendly practices in everyday life.

– School meals program to encourage girls' education

Sept. 20 ) Starting coming Saturday, the school meals program will provide foodstuff for 71,881 female students in 17 governorates. The foodstuff includes wheat, oil, and dates. This program comes under the initiative of encouraging girls education and limiting their drop out from schools especially during basic education.

– Teaching Forum at Sana'a University

Sept 20 – As an attempt to enhance education level at Sana'a University, the university established a forum for teaching in which lecturers and university professors will congregate along with other stakeholders and exchange experiences and knowledge. The forum is supposed to result new strategies and special courses in enhancing teachers performance and education techniques.


– 47 prisoners on parole to be released

Sept 20 – Forty seven of the prisoners in Dhamar prison who have completed their time and could not pay their debts to the state, or those who have completed three thirds of their time and displayed good behavior will be released soon. Charitable people and businessmen cooperated through the chamber of commerce and the local security to facilitate the release of those prisoners and pay their standing debts.