In brief [Archives:2007/1089/Local News]

September 27 2007


– Islamic Relief launches Ramadan meals festival

Sept 26 ) With a total cost of 34 thousand euros, Islamic Relief has launched its charity project to provide Iftar meals for the poor in six governorates around the nation. The charity will distribute meals to 2880 families, rounding a total of 14400 individuals. The meals include rice, wheat, sugar, oil, and dates.


– Precautionary measures to control fireworks

Sept. 25 ) Security authority in Hodaidah has taken some precautionary measures to control and prevent use of fire works in the governorates. Vendors selling fireworks will be fined although there is no particular law that prevents the use of such arms it is just a measure for safety.

– Streetlights and old roads pavement project

Sept 26 ) The agreement to pave old alleys in Al-Hawak district in Hodiedah has been signed. Around 18 thousand square meters will be covered by this state funded project, which must be concluded in the coming nine months. The total cost of this project is around one hundred and fourteen and half million Yemeni Riyals. Also another agreement worth 27 million Yemeni Riyals had been signed to restore streetlights around the city.


– Yemeni delegation to Olympics reduced by half

Sept 26 ) The Yemeni athlete delegation to participate in the coming Olympics in China has been reduced to 15 out of 51. Eman Anqad director of the special Yemeni Olympics team complained that this decrease would affect the performance of the team in China especially that some good players were prevented from going suddenly.

– Deaf and Dumb Care Association holds cultural nights

Sept 25 ) The Deaf and Dumb Care Association launched its festival cultural nights for the holy month of Ramdan, which would last for another 17 days. The events target the members of the association as well as their families and friends in order to integrate them socially.


– More classrooms for girls through Japanese grant

Sept 24 ) Six additional classrooms for female students will be added in Bab Al-Mandab School at Dhubab district in Taiz governorate. This comes under the broadening regional initiative fore developing girls education in Taiz for which the Japanese International Cooperation Agency has been working since 2005. the aim of this project is to reduce girl's early marriage and improve females societal conditions.

– 20 years plan for infrastructure development

Sept 26 ) Seventy-infrastructure project with a total cost of 50 billion Yemeni Riyals have been allocated to Taiz governorate. The plan includes paving roads, enhancing the city entry points, car parking lots, barriers to stop land erosion in rural areas, bridges, and restoration projects.


– Social Fund for Development poverty survey

Sept 26 ) A field survey to identify poor families in need of the Social Fund for Development services has started in Ibb this week. Ninty six researchers will be participating in this survey in order to cover the maximum number of families and decide on 11,135 cases to be granted support from the fund. The survey will be concluded in two weeks time.