In brief [Archives:2007/1094/Local News]

October 15 2007

Saturday the first day of Eid al-Fitr

Oct. 10 ) The Yemeni astronomer and researcher Ahmed al-Joubi on Tuesday announced that Saturday 13 October 2007 will be the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, while there isn't yet any official statement in this regard. Al-Joubi said the crescent will disappear in Sana'a on 11 October one minute and 22 seconds and 4312 parts of a second.

Yemen discusses UK support for Education

Oct. 10 ) Minister of Education Abdul-Salam al-Jawfi discussed on Tuesday with the British ambassador to Yemen Tim Torlot cooperation aspects between both countries in education and ways to develop basic education in the country. The minister valued initiative of the UK Prime Minister to support education through additional support to be announced soon.

Torlot pointed out that initiative of the British Premier comes within mutual cooperation between both countries.

Earthquake Observation Station installed

Oct. 10 ) Director General of Yemen Islands Development Authority Yahya al-Kaynaie on Wednesday said team specialized seismic observation installed on Monday a station for earthquake observation in Al-Zubair islands archipelago in the Red Sea. Those islands came under quakes during the past days and affirmed at the same time that the lava continued spewing from the volcano of Jebel Al-Tair Island. The official said in a statement that clouds of smoke emitted from the volcano up to 13-15 metres taking the shape of straight line towards the north-east of Jebel Al-Tair Island.


unique stones to be invested

Oct. 10 ) A project of $50 million to set up a harbor at Ras Brom area of Mukalla would start implementing to export building stones to Gulf states by the Yemeni-Qatari Company (YQC).

The harbor would export mainly local building materials and stones to the Gulf countries, a member of the broad of YQC Abdul-Malik Mohammed bin Malik said that YQC has signed initial agreements with investors in Kuwait and Qatar. Yemeni stones could find place in Qatari markets after some Qatari companies had imported a big quantity of construction stones from Yemen for their unique quality compared to other international kinds. Noteworthy, German experts have tested the Yemeni stones and found that Yemen has a commercial quantity of decorative and building stones that may be invested to support the GDP and economic development in the country.


Fire in trade centre in Taiz

Oct. 10 ) A big fire erupted in a trade centre's ground floor in the city of Taiz Tuesday evening. The incident caused a state of traffic chaos in the street where the trade centre is situated. That street is one of the most crowded and busiest in the city especially at the time for shopping for the Fitr Eid. Chief of the police station in the city described that the fire was a result of electric short circuit. civil defense and emergency teams carried out immaculately the operation of extinguishing the fire and evacuation of people from the stores.


Germany finances purchase of equipment for a health centre

Oct. 10 ) The Federal Republic of Germany offered an 8000 euro financial grant to a heath centre in Ghaidha, Al-Mahra governorate of Yemen. A source at the German embassy in Yemen said the grant was delivered on Tuesday to director of the centre for the purchasing of X-ray equipment the centre was in dire need of for using in treatment of Ghaidha citizens.