In brief [Archives:2007/1106/Local News]

November 26 2007

New policewomen to work in security services

Nov. 25 ) The police training school in Sana'a currently is preparing to receive a new group of Yemeni women for training in security tasks.

Senior school teacher Abdulbasit Hayel, reports that 455 women from every Yemeni governorate will receive security training. “Registration and testing will begin Dec. 1 for those women willing to work in security services,” Hayel notes, adding that the new policewomen will be distributed among civil, passport and airport services.

Yemen suggests Islamic Fund for Cultural Development

Nov. 25 ) At the fifth Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers, which kicked off its activities last Wednesday, Yemen suggested establishing an Islamic Fund for Cultural Development in order to assist the conference's member countries in implementing a plan for cultural development.

At the meeting, Yemeni Culture Minister Mohammed Al-Maflahi reviewed Yemen's vast Islamic transcripts and historical cities with regard to establishing a cultural strategy for the Islamic world.

Yemeni investment and tourism potential touted in Frankfurt

Nov. 25 ) Abdulkarim Abu Talib, director of the Abu Talib Travel and Tourism Group and a member of the Tourism Promotion Board, reviewed in Frankfurt the potential for investment and tourism in Yemen, as well as grants under Yemen Investment Law, which encourage investors and business people to have a share in Yemen.

At a promotion symposium, Abu Talib noted that the Yemeni tourism and investment market remain in their infancy; however, they are developing rapidly and remarkably. He further affirmed that Yemen currently is moving toward more concern for tourism and investment, commenting that the indicators of this are many.


Conference on drug smuggling, money laundering

Nov. 25 ) The General Authority for Post and Postal Savings is participating in the first international conference to combat drug trafficking and money laundering currently being held Nov. 24-28 in Libya.

Abdulazim Al-Qadasi, director general of Aden's postal region, gave an extensive presentation about the role of the Yemeni post in fighting drug trafficking and money laundering.

Aden security seizes drugs, counterfeiters

Nov. 24 – Yemeni security apparatuses in Aden arrested several suspects involved in trafficking and distributing drugs and counterfeit money from different countries.

Aden security director Abdullah A. Qirat reported that security forces arrested suspects carrying 55.1 grams of hashish. Additionally, the suspects were trafficking and distributing drugs and hashish substances.

Security forces further arrested a group of foreigners possessing counterfeit money from countries including the United States and Saudi Arabia. The source did not identify the foreigners' nationalities. Qirat confirmed that all suspects and their possessions have been referred to the appropriate prosecution to be tried judicially.


Campaign against weapons continues its success

Nov. 25 ) Interior Undersecretary Mohammed Abdullah Al-Qawsi stated on Friday that the campaign against bearing arms in Yemen's provincial capitals so far has netted 42,616 weapons violating the decision since the campaign began Aug. 23.

Approximately 40,000 arms have been seized at surrounding security checkpoints and city entrances, while more than 2,500 arms remain inside the cities.