In brief [Archives:2007/1108/Local News]

December 3 2007


Handball competition

Dec. 1 ) The General Handball Union in Yemen is organizing a competition for junior handball teams at the closed sports auditorium in Aden.

Participating teams from across the nation will compete for the Independence Cup, which will be awarded to the winning team at the end of this month.


Yemeni Russian business forum

Dec. 2 ) The Yemeni Russian Business Council will hold a five-day forum in Sana'a beginning Dec. 8.

Among the longstanding projects Russia is supporting is a railroad connecting Yemen with Saudi Arabia and Oman. The Yemeni government is encouraging Russian businesses to invest in the project, promising to facilitate their foreign investment in Yemen.

102 women trained in vocational fields

Dec. 1 ) Organized by the Ministry of Vocational Training's General Department for Women and Gender, 102 female vocational students received training on how to apply their vocational knowledge in real life.

The students, who studied commercial dealing, sewing and beauty services, received a month of training, sponsored by banks and other private sector companies, to enable them to overcome any barriers to their participation in the paid workforce.

Female Yemeni activist receives ICC badge of honor

Dec. 1 ) Amel Al-Basha, Middle East and North Africa coordinator for the International Criminal Court, received a badge of honor commemorating the late ICC coordinators, Akli Sabeh and Osama Al-Obaidi, who were assassinated in Iraq in October 2007. The award was granted during the sixth conference of the ICC collation, which occurred at the beginning of this month.

Teachers' sit-in scheduled for Tuesday

Dec. 2 ) The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate has announced its intention to hold a sit-in at Tahrir Square in Sana'a to protest against the deteriorating conditions of teachers in Yemen.

The teachers demand better pay and a more efficient compensation system that considers the hardships of teachers, especially those in rural areas.

First forum for Yemeni businesswomen

Dec. 2 ) “For a promising launch of businesswomen in society's development” is the slogan of the first Yemeni businesswomen's forum, which will commence this Thursday.

Approximately 150 businesswomen will participate in the forum, which is being organized by the businesswomen's department of the Yemeni Businessmen's Club.

45 blind Yemenis to go to Mecca

Dec. 2 – Forty-five blind Yemenis, including 11 females, are scheduled to perform the Hajj religious pilgrimage in Mecca this year.

Al-Aman Association for the Blind is sponsoring the trip, covering the cost for one relative to accompany each pilgrim in order to support them while performing the religious rituals.