In brief [Archives:2007/1111/Local News]

December 13 2007

– Yemen, German radio cooperation

Dec. 11 ) Information Minister Hassan Al-Lawzi held talks with experts from the German Radio Academy regarding mutual cooperation next year between the academy and the Mass Media Training and Qualifying Institute here in Yemen.

The meeting discussed the academy's plans for digital radio production and its 2008 plan to train a group of Yemeni journalists and technical staff in public and alternate programming, as well as qualifying trainers in this domain, in addition to establishing mini-departments for digitally-produced radio broadcasts.

– Yemeni-French youth cooperation discussed

Dec. 11 ) Youth and Sports Minister Hamoud Obad met with the head of the French Cultural Center in Sana'a concerning bilateral relations between Yemen and France in youth and sports and how to enhance such relations.

Obad asserted his ministry's eagerness to activate all cooperation aspects under the framework of youth cooperation in the Yemeni-French project, welcoming a meeting of the higher youth committee to establish such project's executive program for the upcoming period.


– Free Zone investments discussed

Dec. 11 ) Mohammed Al-Wadhan, deputy chair of the Free Zone General Authority, discussed with Emirati Ambassador to Sana'a Ali Al-Ghoani the possibility of erecting power stations in Aden Free Zone.

Al-Wadhan reviewed with the ambassador the zone's investment facilities and features in various fields, including air cargo and industry.


– Shibam-Hadramout builders awarded donation

Dec. 11 ) German author Gunter Grass has donated $10,000 ($26,000) to Hadramout mud builders for the success of their work to protect argillaceous (clay-like) architecture and restore the governorate's historic city of Shibam.

Omar Al-Halaj, who heads the Yemeni-German project's team of experts, says the German Technical Cooperation, known as GTZ, will provide its share of the donation to support development projects in Shibam.


– 25 died of AIDS this year

Dec. 11 ) Some 25 out of 39 people infected with HIV/AIDS died in 2007, Jamal Amar, coordinator of the National Committee to Combat AIDS in Lahj governorate, said Monday.

He stressed the importance of setting up health centers for free diagnosis, in addition to rejecting discrimination against AIDS-infected individuals.


– Islamic Relief organizes conflict transformation training

Dec. 11 ) Islamic Relief in Yemen hosted the first in a series of conflict transformation and peace-building training workshops for participants from Sa'ada governorate. The workshops was held Dec. 8-17 in Sa'ada.

The program was part of a two-year plan under which Islamic Relief-Yemen would conduct interactive participatory workshops in four Yemeni governorates: Sa'ada, Sana'a, Lahj and Aden. Islamic Relief-Yemen staff and outside trainers from Egypt trained 665 individuals from the four governorates.

Participants include tribal leaders, imams, other community leaders, teachers, students, members of key civil society organizations, local NGOs, security, army officers and police officers, government officials, members of local courts and refugees.


– 4,000 manuscripts found in Grand Mosque

Dec. 11 ) Culture Minister Mohammed Al-Maflahi held talks with an Italian delegation that restores manuscripts regarding cooperating in the excavation of antiquities and restoring 4,000 manuscripts – some from 1,000 years ago – discovered in the Grand Mosque in Sana'a. Talks also touched on possibly restoring a number of manuscripts and repairing several historic palaces in Hadramout governorate's city of Tarim.

The two sides further discussed opening a Yemeni-Italian cultural center to extend cultural and academic cooperation between the countries.