In Brief [Archives:2008/1131/Local News]

February 21 2008


One million Riyals for 3 modern art paintings

The three best paintings in an exhibit to be organized mid-May this year are to receive financial awards from the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition is a competition for modern art paintings of Yemeni youth not older than 35 years. It will be a part of a Sana'a Arab modern arts exhibit that will be conducted in May. The paintings will be evaluated by an independent committee of well-known Yemeni and Arab artists who will participate in the assembly.

Education ministry rewards 30 English teachers

Yemen's Education Ministry, in cooperation with the British Council, rewarded on Tuesday 30 Yemeni English teachers from a number of Sana'a schools after they passed a British Cambridge University exam.

Education Minister Abdul-Salam al-Jawfi said that the program was the first of its kind, which will contribute to creating excellent English teachers. He expressed his hope that the program will be expandec to train many English teachers in the country.

The English Language Education program started in early 2006 and will continue for seven years in Sana'a, Aden and Taiz.

Second women's sports festival

The second women's sports festival concludes tomorrow in Sana'a after one week of various competitions in chess, karate and track and field. The competitions included female athletes from around the republic and were supervised by representatives of the Yemeni Sports Union and Ministry of Youth and Sports.


Beach cleaning campaign

On the occasion of World Environment Day (Feb. 20), the Environmental Awareness Center in Aden organized a campout on Tuesday to rid beaches of waste and garbage in the governorate. A number of environmentalists led 160 students in the cleaning process on Gold Moor, Abyan and Al-Buriqa beaches. The event was accompanied by a number of awareness sessions on the importance of the environment and how to preserve it.


Local broadcast station launched

This week, a local radio station in Lahj governorate will begin broadcasting daily between 9 am and 4 pm. The station is state-run and will focus on local issues in Lahj, broadcasting local events such as football games, religious ceremonies and cultural activities in the governorate. The station is equipped with machinery and staff funded from the Ministry of Information.


Training for school counselor

Nineteen psychological specialists from Amran received training for 11 days on educational therapy and dealing with youth social problems. The training, organized by the Ministry of Education, included counseling basics, tools and techniques to identify problems and methods of treatment. It also included sessions on engaging parents and society involvement in for the well being of students.


Preparations for Anti-Bilharzias campaigns in Mahwit discussed

Mahwit's governor and World Health Organization (WHO) officials discussed preparations for the National Anti-Bilharzias Campaign in the province. The campaign, which would be implemented in March by the Ministry of Public Health and Population in cooperation with the WHO, targets 2.5 million children between the ages of 6 and 18 in 107 districts across the country. The National Anti-Bilharzias Program Director said that in 2007, the program carried out surveys in four districts in the province aimed at eradicate Bilharzias, deeming the polluted water resources as the main cause of the disease.