In brief [Archives:2008/1134/Local News]

March 3 2008


Youth local council elections

Twenty-eight candidates won in the local council elections for youth organized by the Democratic School in Sana'a. Twenty thousand students participated in the elections from around the governorate including children with disabilities. The total number of candidates was 485 who competed of which are 250 females competing for the local council seats.

Young politicians organization launched

Coming Wednesday elections to choose the president of a new non-government al organization will be carried out where 21 founding members will compete for the leadership position of the Young politicians organization. This is an organization for university students to allow them to express their political opinions in a democratic way and empowers their skills. Once the president is elected students are encouraged to enroll.


Open days for child drawings

On March 18, an open day for children's drawings will be held for one week in Taiz. The week which is organized by the Turkish International School in cooperation with Saeed Foundation for culture and science. The event will target kids between 4 and five years old where they express their ideas and feeling through drawings. the organizers hope to create a permanent workshop for children's drawings in Taiz schools.


New city map for Aden

The executive office of Aden's governorate has approved the final map of the city restructuring project. The city will have a new face with modern infrastructure while maintaining the traditional identity of Aden.

Costa Europe arrives in Aden

The Italian tourist Ship “Costa Europe” arrived here on Saturday carrying 1,434 tourists from different European nationalities.

A number of tourism programs have been prepared for the tourists to get acquainted with the archeological sites and traditional markets in Aden.

A source said to Saba that a tourist group consist of 326 persons headed for Taiz and Jiblah cities.

Worth mentioning, the tourist Ship “Costa Europe” came to Aden from the Omani port Salalah and it visits Aden for the second time in two years.


PM hails PERSGA's roles in preserving Red sea environment

Prime Minster Ali Mujawar hailed on Saturday the role of the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) in mobilizing efforts of concerned Arab states to implement programs protecting the environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Mujawar was briefed during his meeting with the secretary general of the organization Ziad Abu-Ghararah on the technical activities, environmental programs and legal actions have been achieved to preserve the marine environment in the areas of Red Sea and Gulf of


Abu-Ghararah told Mujawar that the international navigation line in the south red sea has been identified and approved by the World Environment Organization, highlighting the important role of Yemen in the organization activities.

Mujawar confirmed the importance of broadening the organization's activities to cover the Arab sea that would reinforce the regional cooperation in field of conservation of the environment of the red sea and Gulf of Aden.