In brief [Archives:2008/1138/Local News]

March 17 2008


“Yemen Motors” Automobile magazine now in Yemen

A magazine on the automobile industry in Yemen is out in the market under the name Yemen Motors. The magazine talks about automobile affairs and the situation in the local market. It also has descriptions on the various brands and maintenance tips, especially for local consumers in Yemen.


Yemeni life in England photo exhibition

A photography exhibition was launched this week in Taiz depicting the lives of Yemenis in South Shield in England. The exhibition which is of the English photographer Peter Fraier includes 50 different photo taken over thirty years reflecting the Yemeni community living their traditional life abroad while adopting to the British ways of life.

The exhibition is organized at the Saeed's Foundation for Science and Culture.

Purse thief caught in real time

The thief who mugged a women's bag containing three thousand US dollars and eight thousand YR, did not enjoy his catch of the day as Taiz police caught him just three hours after the incident. He had snatched the women's bag while she was exiting a money exchange center and speeded on his motorbike. Luckily the smart victim took down his license number and reported it to the police who had no problem finding the culprit.


Fifth poetry festival for youth

Starting from March 26, the fifth Zabid poetry exhibition of youth is going to be launched at the Cultural Literature Forum of the town. The three-day event will include participations of 20 young Yemeni male and female poets from Zabid, Sana'a, Hodaiedah and Hadramout. The festival will honor the late renown Yemeni poet Hussien Abdullah Al-Hadaya who was from Zabid and had left his prints in Yemeni poetry, especially through his writings about suffering and fighting for freedom. At the conclusion of the festival a book about this poet will be announced.


German language classes in Aden University

The college of Arts at Aden University is preparing to commence a German language course at the linguistics department of the college this academic year 2008/2009.

Trade ministry works to improve economic sector, says minister

Minister of Trade and Industry Yahya al-Mutawakel said on Thursday that his ministry is carrying out a set of measures to improve economic sector.

In his speech in a symposium on promotion for Aden and Lahj industrial zones, al-Mutawakel made clear that the project of restructuring the ministry would realize a clear goal to serve private sector and improve its capabilities to compete at local and international levels.

He said that the two industrial zones of Aden and Lahj would be new elements for comprehensive development in the nation as they would create jobs and attract further investments.


Investments in tourism and environment sectors

The governor of Lahj Abdul-Wahab al-Durah affirmed on Saturday local authority's keenness to provide the required environment for investment in the tourism and environment sectors.

During his meeting with chairman of Tourism Committee in the Shura Council Awad Moshba, the governor clarified that the province has an investment map.

The governor highlighted some obstacles which face investment in the domain of tourism and environment and the lack of infrastructure.