In brief [Archives:2008/1139/Local News]

March 20 2008


– Egypt gives 20 scholarships for Yemeni preachers

Minister of Religious Endowment and Islamic Affairs Hamud al-Hitar discussed with the head of al-Azhar Sheik Mohammed Sayed Tantawi cooperation relations between Yemen and Egypt.

During the meeting, al-Hitar and Tantawi talked on means of benefiting from al-Azhar specialists in the fields of planning, education and Islamic jurisprudence.

Tantawi said that the al-Azhar would give Yemen 20 scholarships for rehabilitating Yemeni preachers.

– Workshop on fight against terrorism

Interior Ministry lunched on Tuesday a workshop on agreements and protocols on international legal fight against terrorism .

The three-day workshop, participated by 40 cadres, dealt with Yemeni experience in fighting against terrorism.

Deputy Interior Minister Saleh Hussein Zuari said that Yemen got affected by terrorism which reflected negatively on economy.

He added that Yemen is standing against terrorism, confirming that many countries praise Yemeni government experiences in the fight against terrorism.


– Seminar on environment protection

The environmental awareness association carried out a seminar on environment protection in cooperation with the college of engineering and dams at Dhamar University. The seminar talked abut the dangers facing Yemeni environment especially the issue of using chemicals in agriculture and chaotic use of pesticides. It also touched upon international standards and legislations, which Yemen had ratified.


– 50 kilos drugs confiscated

Central security in north Sa'ada confiscated 50 kilos of drugs while it was smuggled across to the Saudi boarder. The smugglers were on a bus about to cross Al-Miqash check point in Yemeni boarder. This is the fourth operation that has been caught since the beginning of this year as over 100 kgs of drugs were confiscated on several check points near the boarder.


– No further construction in historical sites

Lahj governor issued a legislation preventing any construction works in or around local historical sites in Hajja. He issued this in an official meeting with the construction authority, the historical preservation authority and local security. The decree includes permits that had been given earlier but have proved now to be a threat to the historical sites.


– Norwegian containers carrier arrives in Aden Port

Norwegian containers carrier coming from Mali in Africa arrived on Tuesday at the Aden Port.

The carrier unloaded around 117 containers of many imported goods and loaded 32 containers of Yemeni exported fish and cotton.

It is worth mentioning that the Norwegian carrier is one of the largest supertankers which navigate international ports of the world.


– French organization to support health centers in Hajjah

Governor of Hajjah Fareed Mujawar held talks on Tuesday with chairman of the French Doctors of the World organization and discussed with him aspects of the health and medical support provided by organization to health centers of Bani-Qais district in the province.

The governor praised the humanitarian effort of the French organization to support health centers through providing large quantities of medicines and technical equipment for seven health.

He pointed out to activities and steps adopted by province's leaders to fight epidemic diseases in the region.

For his part, chairman of organization affirmed readiness to provide more medical assistance and treatment, pointing out that organization works with its partners to make Health Department of Bani-Qais succeed for ensuring sustainability of health services.