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April 21 2008


MP, his son and companion killed in Saada

A General People's Congress (GPC) Member of Parliament for Saada governorate Sheikh Saleh Bin Saleh Hidi Daghsan was killed in Sa'ada along with his son and a companion in addition to the wounding of six others, three of whom seriously wounded.

Saada security Chief Mohammed Hamoud al-Qaham said gunmen ambushed Friday MP Daghsan and his bodyguards in Al-Kkiyam area, 25 km to the south-east of Saada city while he was on his way to Saada from Al Ammar area where they showered him and his companions with gunfire, killing him, his son and one of his companions in addition to wounding six others who were rushed to a hospital in Saada for treatment.

Al-Qaham told site that a security campaign was launched to the site of the incident in search for killers of Daghsan and his son and companion to arrest and send them to court and added that investigation started for discovering complications of the incident


New talks with WTO to be held in Geneva next June

Preparations are underway to hold a fresh round of talks between Yemen and the World Trade organization WTO in Geneva next June, director of the Coordination and Communication Office with the WTO Hamoud al-Najar has said.

The talks will deal with all topics related to Yemen's accession into the organization that will include the mechanisms organizing the flow of goods and services as well as reviewing Yemen's legislative system.

Al-Najar signaled that Yemen has made progress in the areas of law amendments and drawing up new laws that will pave the way for its entry into the WTO.

He said that according to the government's plans Yemen will accede into the organization by 2009.

Yemen also made progress in talks with China, the US and the European Union during which Yemen signed agreements with each, al-Najar said.

He expected that Yemen will sign a deal with the European Union over the coming months particularly after the two sides had signed an agreement on the flow of goods.

He appreciated the US and European support and technical assistance to help Yemen join the World Trade Organization, saying they had contributed to qualify Yemeni negotiators with the organization.

On the other hand, al-Najar said Yemen has adopted a draft law to protect the national products in an attempt to avoid being affected after it joins the WTO.


Hadramout University students attend cultural week in Oman

Students delegation from Hadramout University for Sciences and Technology on Saturday left for the Sultanate of Oman to participate in the cultural week held by sciences colleges in the city of Salala on 20-25 of this month. The delegation would get acquainted with experiment of colleges and exchange of expertise.

In a statement to the Director of Training at the General Administration for students activities at Hadramout University Fahim Abdullah al-Affari said the university students would take part in scientific experiments that won prizes of the scientific exhibition and were praised by President Ali Abdullah Saleh during his visit to the exhibition in the last University Student week.

Int. & Gulf companies to invest in Hadhramout and Mahrah

Chairman of Industry and Chamber of Commerce in Hadhramout Omer Ba-Jarash revealed that 4 international companies presented their applications to develop and manage Mukalla port, build new port in Dhabah area in al-Shaher and to establish a joint company with Arab Sea Ports Authority.

Ba-Jarash affirmed that a Saudi group voiced its willingness to establish a company and invest the free trade zone in al-Wadiah outlet.

He added that another Saudi group also voiced its readiness to invest in Socotra Archipelago through establishing a joint company between the citizens and the government and the private sector.

Ba- Jarash also revealed that two UEA investment companies and three Saudi companies show their interest to establish tourist hotels and luxury towns on the coast line of Hadhramout and Mahrah provinces.


UNFPA launches field survey courses in Aden

Country Program of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) launched on Saturday a training course related to field survey to support development process and alleviate poverty in Aden province which is implemented by CITCS Company for Consulting Services

During the training, more than 17 researchers in each of Aden, Hadramout, al-Hodeidah, Ibb, Hajjah and al-Mahweit provinces participated to get information of how to conduct the survey, data collection in the issues of reproductive health, family planning, maternity, childhood, women issues, their role in society and population issues.

During the opening of session, director of Public Health and Population Office Naser al-Khader affirmed the importance of holding such courses to realize the objectives of program.