IN Brief [Archives:2008/1167/Local News]

June 26 2008


– Earthquake hit al-Makhader region in Ibb

A middle-ranged earthquake hit on Tuesday al-Makhader region of Ibb governorate.

The Earthquake Study and Observation Center has mentioned that the earthquake observation stations of the center registered on Tuesday at 6:15 PM, local time, a middle-ranged earthquake measuring 3 on the Richter Scale centered in al-Makhader region of Ibb governorate.

– Session on spreading health culture concluded in Ibb

Ibb governorate concluded on Monday a training course on spreading health culture and population policies for 20 volunteers which was organized by Yemeni Family Care Association in cooperation with women's charitable institution funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

During the training, participants were introduced to lectures on reproductive health, family planning, the benefits of breastfeeding, and spacing between births as well as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.


– Tunisian investors delegation arrives in Aden

A delegation of Tunisian investor in the field of maritime fishing arrived in Aden on Tuesday for a several-day visit.

In a statement to Saba, head of the Tunisian delegation Noor Ba Obaad said that the visit aims to acquaint investment opportunities available in Aden in the field of fish, create a partnership with Yemeni investors.

He pointed that the delegation's talks with Yemeni officials would include the possibility of signing a number of agreements to set up joint fishery projects between the two countries.

– Yemen, OIC concludes combating AIDS disease session

Women's Society for Sustainable Development in cooperation with the Organization for International Cooperation (OIC) concluded on Monday an awareness campaign on combating AIDS disease for 20 journalists from various media means that lasted for two days.

During the session, participants recognized lectures and on the concept of AIDS, ways of transmission, how to prevent it and the role of media in educating all segments of society and spreading awareness to limit this disease.

– Cuban medical activities reviewed in Aden

Rector of Aden University Abdul Aziz Bin Habtor discussed on Monday with a Cuban medical mission on its activities in the faculty of medicines and its scientific role in the university.

During the meeting, Bin Habtor praised the Cuban medical experiences which contributed to upgrading the faculty since its establishment, pointing to its high level due to efforts of foreign missions in the field of medicine.

For his part, deputy head of the Cuban mission Luis Soto said the meeting also dealt with the difficulties and problems that face the mission.


– Cabinet approves plan of spreading intellectual awareness to reject extremism

The Cabinet approved on Tuesday on plan of spreading political and intellectual awareness among youths to reject thoughts of extremism and sedition.

The plan was presented by ministerial committee headed by minister of information.

The cabinet asked the concerned ministries to draw an executive program for the plan to be then approved.

According the to the ministerial committee, the plan aims at facing risks and challenges surrendering the Yemeni society and damaging republican system and national principles of the country.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet ratified the 2007-2008 Arab Youths Charter which was suggested by recent Damascus summit last March.

The charter is to support Arab youths programs which focus on protecting Arab and Islamic identity and to protect Islamic and Arab values and youths from extremism.

The charter states to set up Arab fund to finance small, medium and big sports projects and offices to offer job opportunities for university students.

Moreover, the cabinet agreed on a memo president by minister of justice over making amendments on the paragraph No. 3 for the article No.1 of the Arab Anti-terror agreement. The agreement was approved by Arab League over efforts of combating terror.

– Educational program in Yemen reviewed

Deputy Minister of Education for Training and Qualification Sector Abdullah Lamlas held talks on Tuesday in Sana'a with Director of Yemeni-American Program for Improving Education Prof. Ernest O'Neil on the educational activities which are implemented by the program in the targeted governorates of Sana'a, Amran, Mareb and Shabwa.

The meeting confirmed the necessity to extend the program to include new Governorates in order to draw a work plan in this regard till 2012.

The plan would include implementing school buildings, training and qualifying teachers, social participation (parents councils) and other educational programs.

On the other hand, Lamlas held talks on Tuesday with head of Humanitarian and Educational Research Unit in UNESCO Dr. Maeen Hilmi al-Hamiran over educational programs and activities implemented by the UNESCO in Yemen.

The two sides evaluated Teacher Training Program of the Ministry of Education which is financed by the UNESCO.

– Yemen, Somalia sign educational MOU

Yemen and Somalia signed on Tuesday a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on education for the years 2008 – 2010.

The agreement, which was singed by Minister of Education Abdul-Salam al-Jawfi and Somali Minister of Education and Culture Aydid Abdullahi Hanaf, includes 150 annual scholarships for Somali students to study in the Yemeni university.

Under the agreement, Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training has to present 50 financial grants for the Somali students in Community College and technical institutes.

It also states that education ministry has to offer technical support in field of teachers training and grant the center of teacher training in Mogadishu.

The memo also includes exchanging the documents, books and educational issues as well as documenting cooperation between the two national committees for education, culture and science of both countries.

The Somali official hailed Yemeni grant for Somalia, particularity in the

field of receiving the immigrants and offering educational scholarships.

– Yemen calls for increasing humanitarian assistances to African refugees

A member of Foreign Relations and Expatiate Affairs Committee in the Parliament Basaam al-Shatar discussed on Tuesday with the representative of Doctor Without Borders (DWB) medical and humanitarian activities carried out by DWB in Yemen.

The talks dealt with medical and humanitarian assistances provided by the DWB to refugees who fled from the Horn of Africa to the country.

Al-Shatar showed appreciation humanitarian and medical activities financed by the organization, pointing to the importance of increasing those human services particularly for African refugees in Yemen.

– CSCO seeks to support Yemen technical education

Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Ibrahim Hajri discussed on Tuesday with the regional director of American company Sisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) Yaman Abu Saleh the possibility to sign an understanding memo to support technical institutes in Yemen.

Under the would agreement, the company will support technical and vocational institutes and community colleges with modern educational systems and set up a modern database linking them together.

The two sides reviewed the objectives of the CSCO academy to develop and update institutions of technical education as well as training teachers.

Hajri hailed the CSCO's efforts to develop technical education, making reference the importance of its partnership with private sector to improve the education level in Yemen.

– Al-Alimi sees off UAE ambassador

Deputy Prime Minister for security and defense affairs Rashad al-Alimi received on Tuesday the United Arab Emirates ambassador in Sana'a Ali al-Awani on the occasion of ending his tenure in Yemen.

During the meeting, al-Alimi expressed appreciation for distinctive relation between the two countries in the areas of defense and security, particularly with regard to rehabilitating and training Yemeni security personal and exchanging security information.

He highlighted the ambassador's efforts to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between his country and Yemen, particularly in political, economic, military and security forces fields.

– Yemen, EU talk on security cooperation

Interior Minister Mutaher al-Maseri held Tuesday talks with a representative of the European Union to the United State, the French judge Jean-Pierre on aspects of security cooperation between Yemen and the EU, particularly in field of combating terrorism.

During the meeting, Jean-Pierre praised the effort made by Yemen in the fighting against terrorism and its latest efforts in the field.


– Hadramout governor receives Tunisian delegation

Hadramout governor Salam al-Khambashi held talks on Monday with the delegation of Tunisia farming and fishing union, who is currently visiting the country.

The talks focused on possibilities of setting up Tunisian investments in fisheries field in Yemen and marketing fishing products of the governorate.

The governor welcomed the Tunisian investments in the governorate, especially in fishing as the governorate is considered one of the country's governorates that has excellent quality of fish.

He said that there are 20 fisheries associations in the governorate and 11, 080 fishermen.

The head of the Tunisian delegation affirmed joint disease of both countries to enhance their historical and brotherly relationship, saying that the Tunisian production of fish is between 110,000 to 150,000 tons yearly.