In Brief [Archives:2008/1169/Local News]

July 3 2008


– Police seize 715,000 capsules of drugs

Sana'a International Airport seized Sunday evening 715,000 capsules of drugs which have been hidden inside water heaters of a Syrian trader, 26sept reported Monday.

The media office of interior ministry said that shipment arrived in Sana'a airport on 6th of June, but the trader came last night to get the shipment.

The office said that the airport police arrested the trader and the person who tried to help him in the clearing customs for the shipment.

Investigations are underway with them, the media office said.

– Journalist's Aid course concluded

18 journalists, representing different media outlets, concluded on Monday a course on Aids and reducing discrimination against those infected with the disease.

The course, which was organized by Yemen Journalist Syndicate in cooperation with Progreso Organization, discussed notions and knowledge on the disease, transmission ways and protection against it as well as knowing causes of Yemen's vulnerability of spreading the disease and the increase infection of it among women.

The participants discussed in the three-day course media role in protection against Aid and avoiding discrimination while reporting on the disease. The lecturer of the course Erfan Akhtar affirmed that the course was active and realized its targets on educating participants on the disease and how to cohabitate with infected people.

Then the participants declared the Association of Journalists Supporting Issues of Aids Cohabiters for allocating social support for supporting these people.

– France grants Yemen $ 26 mln to implement ESCADA

France is to finance a project of Electricity Control Center in Yemen (ESCADA) at a total cost of $ 26 million.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Abdul Karim al-Arahbi and the chairman of the French Agency for Development's office in Sana'a (AFD) Christian Philament singed the finance agreement here on Monday.

Al-Arahbi praised the keenness of the French government on enhancing the development progress in Yemen, highlighting growing development of the Yemeni-French relations.

For his part, Philament affirmed the agency's keenness on reinforcing the current cooperation relations between Yemen and France through financing a number of development projects in Yemen.

– HM registers further 180 cases of dengue fever

Health Ministry registered 180 case of dengue fever within week, the ministry's report said.

According to the report, the cases increased since beginning of this year from 1903 cases to 2083 on Saturday.

The cases appeared in Shabwa, Abyan, Hodeida, Hadramout and Lahj governorates.

Dengue fever is a virus disease which has hit about 120 countries around the world since the middle of the last century.

– Yemen, WB discuss al-Saleh project for reducing unemployment

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Mansor al-Hoshabi held a meeting on Monday with acting representative of world bank in Yemen over implementation of al-Saleh project for reducing unemployment.

They also discussed activities of agricultural sector to fulfill food security and obstacles facing agricultural project funded by the WB in several governorates.

– AAEU 17th technical conference concludes its meetings

The 17th Technical Conference of the Arab Agricultural Engineers Union (AAEU) concluded its meetings here on Tuesday.

In the conclusion session, the participants recommended the necessity to encourage organic agriculture in Arab world to insure the food security, calling on issuing legalizations prompt countries to establish especial institutions concerning organic agriculture.

They emphasized the importance of setting up a consultative regional office for the Arab Investment Authority and other similar bodies to be interested in spreading out and settling the organic agriculture all over the Arab world. He requested the Arab scientific research foundations pay attention to the applied researches of organic agriculture development.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Abdul Malik al-Arashi pointed out the importance of the conference that discussed vital issues, topped by the organic agriculture and its impacts on the Arab agriculture.

The 4-day conference was participated by 70 Arab researchers discussed 38 papers presented by a number of Arab countries talked about many essential issues.

– Youth summer camps' budget approved

The government approved in its cabinet regular meeting held on Tuesday a budget of youth summer camps for 2008 and its general program to be launched on July 17th across the country.

The camps are 31 contain 718 centers, 382 for male youth and 134 for female, 48 centers for educating religious duties, 30 for female scouts, 34 for vocational training, 34 for educating computer and languages, 58 for sports and 8 centers for university students. More than 200 thousands male and female participants will make use of these 40-day long camps.

There are also 600 centers for educating 100 thousands students on memorizing Holy Koran in the capital Sana'a and country's governorates.


– Plan to grow wheat in Abyan discussed

A meeting of agricultural bodies' leaders in Abyan governorate discussed on Monday the executive mechanisms to carry out a wheat growing plan under the national program for developing the wheat agriculture.

The Abyan governor Ahmed al-Maysari, who headed the meeting, prompted the agricultural officials and related bodies in the governorate to pay more attention to growing wheat in the governorate's costal area based on the results of the researches conducted by Kood Agricultural Researches Station

Al-Maysari requested the branch of the Cooperative Agricultural Credit Bank (CAC Bank) to offer all the loan facilities for the agricultural Cooperative.


– Swedish organization supports refugees in Aden, Lahj

Governor of Lahj reviewed on Tuesday with delegation of Save the Children Sweden its support for refugees in Kharaz camp in educational and health fields.

They also discussed arrangements for holding a meeting with Youth refugees in the provinces of Aden and Lahj.

The meeting also reviewed the coordination aspects between SERAG program of the Swedish Organization and the Youth and Sports Office in province to establish a joint summer centre for youths in the camp.

And preparing a related program including many of cultural, sport and art events.

The governor accented Yemen's attention to the refuges' affairs, praising the government and non-government organizations' aid for the refugees Kharaz camp.


– RCS assistance to displaced people in Saada discussed

Saada Governor Hassan Man'a held a meeting on Tuesday with the head of Red Crescent Society Office in Saada Abdul-Qadar Showait over assistance offered by the society to the victims because of destroyed acts in some regions of the governorate.

The governor affirmed important humanitarian role of the office to reduce suffering of the displaced people in camps thought its relief assistance such as food and medicine.

He expressed readiness of the Saada local authority to offer all support for the society to do its mission and reach affected areas.