In Brief [Archives:2008/1175/Local News]

July 24 2008


– Lahj, Dhala'a, Abyan universities to be established

Governors of Lahj, Dhala'a, local council secretary general of Abyan and Aden University rector signed on Monday a resolution to form academic committees regarding the foundation of universities in Lahj, Abyan and Dhala'a as well as determining their tasks and specializations in implementing Republican decree No. 119 for the year 2008 concerning to the establishment of these universities.

The formed committees would prepare technical, academic, financial administrative and engineering studies to found these universities and their goals, in addition to collages and scientific departments consisting of them with consideration to specialty of each governorates.

These committees will work under direct supervision of Aden University rector and to present their reports, minutes and meetings for Rector of the university and concerned governor of each governorate on condition that their work to be continued for six months.


– Yemen, ILO evaluates labor women capacities building

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Amat al-Razaq Hummad and the International Labor Organization (ILO) expert Mona al-Khalidi discussed here on Monday evaluation process of labor women capacities building project in order to strengthen decent job and social justice.

The four-year project funded by the International Labor Organization and Dutch government aims to spread awareness of labor laws, rights and duties among male and female workers in public and private sectors.

– Andre Le Prat to visit Yemen over preserving Zabid manuscripts

Andre Le Prat, responsible of restoring workshop at Louvre Museum, Department of Arts graphics started on Monday a visit to Yemen.

It is scheduled that Le Prat would pay a visit to the Zabid historical city to evaluate needs of training and materials to restore manuscripts in the libraries and setting up a restoring workshop in the city.

The visit comes within the program of preserving manuscripts of the city which is carried out by the French Institute for the Antiquities and Social Science.

During his visit, Le Prat will launch the third phase in the program that was started in 2000.

– Chinese restaurants in Sana'a reopen

Chinese restaurants in Yemen's capital of Sana'a, which were closed earlier, have been reopened, director general of the General Investment Authority Salah al-Attar said.

At a press conference organized by the Yemen Female Media Forum (YFMF), al-Attar affirmed only the government bodies have the right to deal with investment projects in the country.

On the other hand, al-Attar said Yemen has attracted strategic projects from gulf countries, adding Yemen plans to benefit from the gulf oil prosperity to attract big investments.

He said the government aims to correct Yemen's image through making contract with a specialized company to promote tourism in Yemen for foreign countries.

– President Saleh honors winners of Equestrian Championship

President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended on Sunday concluding competition for Second President Equestrian Championship (SPEC) organized by General Federation for Equestrian and Camel Racing ( GFECR) in War College (WC).

In the opening ceremony of the contest which was attended by high ranking officials, WC's Director Ahmad al-Wali delivered a speech in which he welcomed the president for attending and sponsoring this championship, which is participated by 62 horsemen from military affiliates, noting importance of holding such contests.

After concluding the final contests, President Saleh, along with Minister of Youth and Sport Hamoud Obad and Head of GFECR Hashed al-Ahmar honored winners of the SPEC with encouraging cups and medals. On the other hand, President Saleh lionized on the same day Hudeidah Hilal Team for winning championships of foot ball match and of the president Cup for this season.


– 171 Yemeni fishermen detained by Eritrea back

171 Yemeni fishermen are back home after Eritrean authorities held them early this month in the international waters without any justification, deputy head of Taiz police Abdul Hakeem Noman said.

the GPC-run almotamar website quoted Noman as saying the fishermen arrived in the port of Makha on Wednesday and Thursday after one week of detention.

Noman said the Eritrean authorities with seizing the fishermen's boats, are violating an agreement between Yemen and Eritrea imposing on the two countries not to attack each other's fishing boat.

Recently, the Eritrean authorities have stepped up unjustified operations against Yemeni fishing boats in the international waters. Yemen officially protested such actions by the Eritrean authorities and summoned the Eritrean ambassador to Sana'a Musa Yasin early this year to handed over a protest note concerning the continuation of arresting Yemeni fishermen by the Eritrean authorities.


– Mahweet launches workshop on improving girl's situation

Al-Sada Women Foundation, in collaboration with Humanitarian Aid Organization, launched on Sunday the first workshop on improving situations of girls in rural areas in each of Hodeidah and Mahweet provinces for 20 participants.

During the opening of the workshop, secretary-general of Local Council Ali al-Zaikam and Deputy of Social and Labor Affairs Noor Ba-Obaad affirmed the importance of educating girls and developing their skills in various sectors, noting to enabling them to obtain their rights in education and health care.

The participants discussed a number of work papers on the status of girls in rural areas with regard toeducation, solutions and treatment to eradicate women's illiteracy and reduce girls from dropping schools.

– Four killed, seven injured in car falling accident

Four people have been killed and seven injured as a car fell down from a bridge in the district of Khamis Bani Saad in the province of Mahweet.

Head of the district police Muhammad al-Jabobi said the speeding car swerved from the road and fell down from the bridge located on the road from Sana'a to Mahweet.

Speeding and heavy rains were the main reasons behind the horrific accident, al-Jabobi made clear.

Early this week, another car overturned in the province to kill four people and injure five others.


– Yemeni police thwart attempt to smuggle eight children into kingdom

The Yemeni police have foiled an attempt o smuggle eight children from Yemen into Saudi Arabia, the GPC-run said on Monday.

The children, aged between 9 and 13 years old, were handed over to a child center, a security source said.

The source pointed out that the police had launched an investigation into the case.

In this regard, the security forces in Taiz province had arrested a three-member gang that kidnaps and smuggles children.

The gang had already kidnapped three children.

After the police learned of the gang, they raided the gang's residence and arrested its members.

The children were handed over to their families, however, the gang members, aged between 20-25, are due in court soon.


– Parliament carries out survey on child labor in Dhamar

Children Parliament started on Sunday carrying out a survey on child labor phenomenon here and in neighboring areas.

Speaking to Saba, parliament member Ahmad al-Marwani clarified that the aim of the survey is for showing social, economic, health and psychological effects of the phenomenon on the society and calling all concerned bodies to solve causes behind it.

He noted that the survey would cover samples from different forms of child labor, male or female whose age are under 18 and problems they face while in work.

He indicated that the parliament will discuss results of the survey with concerned bodies for taking measures for solving this problem, calling all state and public efforts for enlightening society on child rights and on dangers of child labors.