In Brief [Archives:2008/1183/Local News]

August 21 2008


– Saudi investors visit AFZ

Saudi investment delegation headed by Chairman of Buqshan Investment Company Abdullah Buqshan paid a visit on Monday to the Aden Free Zone.

During his visit, Buqshan affirmed importance of developing the zone as it has strategic location, highlighting efforts exerted by the AFZ administration to develop and operate containers port within Aden-Dubai for ports development.

He said that the coming period would witness further Arab and foreign investments in the zone.The AFZ chairman Abdul-Jalil al-Shoibi valued role of the Buqshan Group in developing the zone, welcoming Saudi investments in different fields of the development.

– Saudi investors praise academic level of Aden University

A delegation of the Saudi investors headed by board chairman of Boqshan Group Abdullah Ahmed Boqshan highlighted on Monday academic level in Aden University as key scientific and academic institution in Yemen.

During its visit to the university, the delegation held a meeting with the reactor of the university Abdul-Aziz bin Habor who briefed the delegation in the developments in the university since reunification in 1990.

Then, the delegation made a tour in the different faculties.


– Workshop on CSOs role in supporting illiteracy eradication concluded

A workshop on role of local councils and civil society organizations in supporting illiteracy eradication was concluded in Shabwa governorate on Monday.

The workshop came out with several recommendations which called for enhancing official and

popular efforts to reduce illiteracy in the society.

Participants recommended to allocate a sum of annual oil revenues to support activities of the illiteracy eradication departments in different districts of the governorate.

They called on media means to spread awareness among society over importance of education and activities of the departments to reduce rate of illiteracy in the governorate.


– 6th national campaign to support cancer patients in Hudeidah launched

Hudeidah governor Ahmed al-Jabali launched on Monday the 6th National Campaign to Support Cancer Patients, which is organized by the National Institution for Combating Cancer Disease.

On the launching ceremony, the governor hailed optimism and contributions of charities to supporting affected persons by this disease.

He pointed out interest of the governorate's leadership to advance health level which is embodied by various implemented or being implemented projects, especially health town.

He made clear that the government located a piece of land to build a specialized center for cancer patients within the framework of its interest to improve health sector.


– Maternal, newborn project launched in Taiz

Taiz launched on Monday the project of maternal and newborn health program in each of Taiz, Ibb, Lahj, al-Dhale and Amran provinces funded by the Dutch government.

The project, which comes within the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Yemeni government and the Dutch government, aims to reduce mortality rates of mothers and children and to provide comprehensive health services for mothers and children.

During the opening of the workshop, director-general of Public Health and Population Office Abdul-Nasir al-Kabab affirmed the importance of the project to upgrade health services in the targeted provinces.

– Yemen, JICA discuss girl education issues in Taiz

Yemen and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) discussed here on Monday means of widening local alternatives to encourage girl's education in Taiz province.

Minister of Education Abdul Salam al-Jawfi held talks with team leader of the JICA Bridge project Kora Tami on the most important outputs the project came out with in the targeted districts and how to broaden the project to other districts.

The minister voiced its gratitude to the efforts exerted by the Japanese government in supporting education in Yemen.


– Sana'a launches course on integrating gender issues in health

Sana'a launched on Monday a training course on the integration of gender issues in the health field for directors general of Public Health Ministry, organized by population sector in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) which is to last for the three days.

At the opening of the workshop, Deputy Minister of Public Health and Population Jamal Nasher affirmed the importance of integrating gender issues in the health area to realize social justice, pointing out that the inequality between men and women represents obstacles in development process.

– Yemeni security prepare plan for securing al-Saleh mosque

Interior Ministry said on Monday that it had prepared a security plan to ensure the protection of the al-Saleh mosque, which is expected to be opened in the holy month of Ramadan, next September.

Director General of operations department at the Ministry Sadiq Saleh said that the plan collected between the mosque security and its good message in the dissemination of the Islam values of centrism and moderation.

Saleh pointed out that security would be an integral part of the faith and its spiritual atmosphere, affirming that the security plan considers the religious sanctity of this mosque.

– Workshop on merging children escaped from schools into society organized

Initiative of Children Protection in Sana'a city organized on Monday a workshop on a project of merging children escaped from education into the society in cooperation with the Initiative of Children Protection in Middle East and North Africa.

In the opening session of the workshop, Secretary General of Sana'a City local Council Amin Jomain highlighted importance of spreading awareness about rights of the children, their protection and reducing the phenomenon of escaping from the schools as well as abuse against them.

Director of the Initiative of Children Protection in Middle East and North AFRICA Ibrahim bin Abdul-Aziz al-Turki affirmed importance of gathering efforts between the government bodies and the civil society organization to prevent such phenomenon.

– Hummad asserts youth's role for deterring extremism, terrorism

Minister of Social and Labor Affairs Amat al-Razzaq Hummad affirmed that extremist and terrorist phenomena have become international concern must be fought and deterred by all means.

In the national symposium entitled ” Effect of Extremism and Terrorism on National Economy””