In Brief [Archives:2008/1190/Local News]

September 15 2008

Yemen refuses granting entry visa to IFJ President

A senior Yemeni official said on Sunday Yemen's government had apologized officially to grant an entry visa to President of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Jim Boumelha to visit Yemen.

The IFJ President was planning to hand over Yemeni journalist Abdelkarim al-Khaiwani an award of Amnesty International.

In a press release, Chairman of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) Nasr Taha Mustafa said that the IFJ had expressed understanding of the government's step, canceling the visit which was scheduled to take place next month.

Mustafa confirmed the YJS is monitoring the issue of Abdul Karim al-Khaywani, hoping al-Khaywani to be released soon.

The IFJ has congratulated Yemeni journalist Abdelkarim Al Khaiwani winner of Amnesty International's Sepcial Award for Human Rights Journalism Under Threat and renewed its call for journalist organisations around the world to support al-Khaiwani as he challenges a six-year jail sentence handed down by a Yemeni court.

Yemen reviews conditions of Yemeni detainees in Lebanon

A diplomatic source said on Friday that Yemen's ambassador to Lebanon Faysal Ameen Abu Ras had talked with the Lebanese Prosecutor General Saeed Mirza the Lebanon's General Prosecutor Saeed Mirza over conditions of Yemeni detainees in Lebanese prisons.

The source was quoted by the independent as saying that three Yemeni detainees were accused by Lebanese authorities of belonging to the Fatah al-Islam group and targeting western interests in Lebanon.

“The ambassador Abu Ras discussed with Mirza the possibility of prosecuting the Yemeni detainees in Yemen”, added the source.

“Those Yemeni detainees are Nasser al-Shayba and Salim Abdul-Karim accused of belonging to the Fatah al-Islam and Muammar al-Awami who accused of targeting western interests in Lebanon”.

Abu Ras asked the Lebanese authorities to provide a list of Yemeni wanted, arrested and killed during the events took place in the Nahr el Bared camp in Lebanon as well as the possibility of investigating with the detainees by a Yemeni investigation team.

According to the source of the Yemeni embassy in the Lebanese capital Beirut, Prosecutor General Mirza accepted to deal with Yemen's requests officially.


U.S. plane forced to land at Sana'a airport

Security sources said on Monday that Yemeni authorities had allowed a U.S. aircraft to land at Sana'a international airport due to a sudden breakdown.

The twin- engine Cessna 421 took off from the Saudi city of Jeddah.

Comorian Justice Minster leaves Sana'a

Comorian Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs Madi Ali left Sana'a Sunday after a short visit to Yemen for meeting with officials in transport ministry.

Upon departure, Ali told Saba that during his visit he discussed with Yemeni officials mutual relations between the two countries in field of transport via providing Comorian Hajjis transport services to Mecca during Haj season, adding that the visit comes in the framework of enhancing strong mutual relations between the two countries.

Commander of republican guards receives top US military official

Commander of Republican Guards and Special Forces brigadier Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh held talks on Saturday with the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Vickers who is currently visiting Yemen.

The talks focused on military cooperation between Yemen and United States in filed of combating terrorism.

The US military official highlighted successful operation done by the Yemen and security forces in following terror elements and shooting some al-Qeada members down.

He expressed appreciation of the American administration and international community for efforts of Yemen to face terror operations which contribute to enhance stability and security in the region.

He voiced readiness of his country to offer further assistance for Yemen in this regard.


RHP distributes medical equipments to health facilities

Reproductive Health Program (RHP) in Dhamar is preparing to distribute medical equipments to a number of health centers and units across the governorate's districts with the cost of $ 31 thousands.

Secretary General of Dhamar Local Council told Saba that the medical equipments come for equipping health facilities across the governorate's districts for completing health infrastructure.

He indicated that the program's plan for the second half of 2008 includes establishing 18 centers for delivery emergencies in a number of districts, among of them 7 inclusive centers and 11 main others as well training health cadre working in these centers.

He concluded that the second phase of the program, started early of 2008 with financing from Dutch government worth $ 1 million, would continue for five years, clarifying that the program provides reproductive health services, training and qualifying cadres and supporting health facilities in the governorate.


Mujawar inspects natural gas project in Belhaf

Prime minister Ali Muhammad Mujawar paid on Sunday an inspection visit to the Belhaf natural gas project and listened to an explanation on the implementation process.

The giant project cost is estimated at $ 4 billion and the project is run by the French Total Petroleum Company.

Minister of Oil and Minerals Ameer al-Aidrus said that the project is 87% completed of the station, 96% of the pipeline and 43.3% of the other facilities.

He affirmed that the first pipeline with 3.3 million metric ton of natural gas would be operated during the first quarter of 2009 and the second pipeline in the second quarter. Accordingly, Yemen will produce about 6.8 million metric ton of natural gas annually, he said.

Prime minister also inspected the Ataq electricity station and security station projects and the town central hospital.

He reaffirmed that the government has approved plans to enhance electricity efficiency in the province of Shabwa through providing extra ten megawatts, five of which to be provided during the next few weeks and the others during the next year

Shabwah university to be set up

Prime minister Ali Muhammad Mujawar on his current visit to Shabwah province said preparations got underway to set up the Shabwah university, adding an academic team is currently conducting studies of the project.

The announcement came at a meeting that gathered Mujawar with the province local and executive authorities members.

The meeting discussed several issues in relation to developmental projects in the province as well building up human capabilities.


Yemen, UK discuss support of development in Aden

Aden governor Adnan al-Jafri received on Saturday an official of Yemeni file at the US foreign ministry over British support for development in the governorate.

They also discussed opportunities of investment in Aden Free Zone and industrial zones there.

The governor called on UK businessmen to come and invest in the governorate especially in the AFZ and benefiting from features granted by Yemeni law of investment.

The UK official expressed desire of the British government to present further support for development projects in Aden as well as improving the Yemeni coastguard to protect regional waters.


Archeological survey of historical site in Abyan

A team of Authority of Antiquities Museums and Manuscripts is going to carry out an archeological survey and studies of the historical city of al-Qara in Abyan province, south of Yemen.

Head of local council of Rusd district in Abyan Fadhel Hussein al-Sulaimani said that that local authorities and Culture Ministry are being exerted efforts to join al-Qara city and the Sultanate of al-Afifiya into the list of the world heritage and historical cities.

“We seek to draw attention of concerned international organizations to the historical and natural characteristics of the city in order to contribute to preserving it and repairing its buildings”, said al-Sulaimani.

“We asked previously UNESCO and a Netherlands Organization to help save the city's buildings from destruction”.

The city was inhabited by the sultanate of al-Afifiya 653 years ago, containing more than 100 stone and marble-built sultan palaces and houses.