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October 13 2008


20.000 Yemenis go blind each year, minister says

Minister of Public Health and Population Abdul Karim Rasi has said that Yemen suffers from eye diseases, affirming 20.000 Yemenis go blind a year.

Rasi said that blindness is one of epidemics in the country at 1% among population and that the Trachoma disease is still spread.

The announcements came at the opening session of the WHO 55th meeting being held in Cairo and which Yemen was selected to chair.

In the meeting dedicated to discussing issues in relation to improving health in the region, Rasi delivered Yemen's statement on the annual report of the WHO regional manager on the organization activities in the middle east for 2007 and attached reports.

Yemen has been granted $ 27 million to fight the diseases of AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria provided by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The four-day WHO 55th meeting was launched on Saturday in Cairo and will wrap up next Tuesday.

Indefinite adjournment of sentence of Elbaneh gang case

The Appeals Penal Court, specialized in terror cases, has adjourned the hearing in which it will deliver its ruling on the case of 36 al-Qaeda suspects including Jaber A. Elbaneh, one of the most wanted criminals by the US.

The reported that the adjournment of sentence is indefinite and came because the court head is traveling abroad.

The suspects are charged with forming an armed gang to carry out criminal acts including the attacks on oil facilities in Marib and Hadramout provinces in September, 2006.

Jaber A. Elbaneh, 39, a US citizen of Yemeni origin is deemed by the FBI the main supporter of the Lackawanna Cell and one of six dangerous members who received training at al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.

And for this Washington has announced a $ 5 million reward for information leading to Elbaneh's arrest.

On November 7, 2007, the Initial Court sentenced the group members to prison terms ranging from 2 to 15 years after they were convicted of planning for suicide attacks on oil facilities in Marib and Hadramout provinces.


German Company finalizes to establish Iron Factory in AFZ

A German Company has finalized studies concerning the establishment of an Iron Factory in Sector /L/ in the industrial zone at Aden Free Zone (AFZ).

The AFZ's head Abdul Jalil al-Shu'aibi told Saba that this company is the first from Germany invests in the AFZ and would contribute to attracting Germen capitals to invest here and to avail from the merits the Yemeni Investment Law offered to Arab and foreign investors.

He said that the project – costs $ 60 million on 70.000 M_ – would assist in providing many job opportunities and encourage Arab and foreign capitals to invest in the industrial zone.

The AFZ has witnessed last two years great development in field of offering facilities for investors in the various fields, al-Shu'aibi said, expecting more progress in Aden in the coming two years.

American company to invest $ 100mln in AFZ

The Aden Free Zeon (AFZ) signed a memorandum of understanding on Saturday with American Vicinage company to fuel ships.

Under the memo, the American company would carry out investment project for fueling ships at a total cost of $ 100 million.

The memo was signed by chairman of the zone Abdul-Jaleel al-Showaibi and board chairman of the American company.

Al-Showaibi said that the project would create around 300 jobs, adding that the project would help in attracting further American investments to Yemen.

For his part, the board chairman of the American company highlighted strategic location of Aden for navigation regionally and internationally.

He praised facilities offered by the administration of the zone for investors within Yemeni law of investment.

French warship arrives Aden seaport

A French warship “Pierrot”” arrived in Aden seaport on Saturday in a friendly few-day visit.

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