In Brief [Archives:2008/1205/Local News]

November 6 2008


– Technical projects in Sa'ada discussed

Governor of Sa'ada Hasan Manna' chaired on Thursday a meeting with concerned officials for discussing carrying out projects of technical education and vocational training and roads in the governorate.

The meeting dealt with under-construction projects in field of technical education and roads and what has been achieved in the vocational institute that costs YR, 1, 3 billion and the 196-length Sa'ada-Qutaber-Manbah, Razeh-Haradh highway with the cost of YR 8 billion.

The meeting reviewed halted projects in technical education and roads field and means of curing reasons behind hampering them.

Officials of technical education and of public works and roads offices here presented reports on their plans for the rest of the year, on projects under construction and on mechanisms of promoting work in these offices.

The meeting stressed importance of speeding up carrying out projects approved for this year as well as hampered projects and on the process of following them up.


– Understanding memo of establishing Medical complex in AFZ signed

The Aden Free Zeon (AFZ) and Bin Mahfouz Real Estate Development Group signed here on Sunday a memorandum of understanding to establish a medical complex in AFZ.

Under the memo, Bin Mahfouz Group will establish a medical complex with high specifications in order to meet the needs of 20th Gulf.

The memo also stipulated that AFZ offers all facilities, documents and information required for the Group in order to prepare the project's plan, designs and investment cost in 60 days from the signing date.

The memo was signed by chairman of AFZ Abdul Jalil al-Showaibi and board chairman of Bin Mahfouz Group Salem Ahmed Salem Bin Mahfouz.


– Bahrain intends to open embassy in Yemen

Chairman of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security in Bahrain Parliament Adel Bin Abdul-Rahaman affirmed on Sunday the importance of opening the Bahraini embassy in Yemen to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

During his meeting with Parliament Speaker Yahia Al-Rai, the Bahraini official conveyed condolences from Bahraini Parliament Speaker on the victims of rains and floods in Hadramout and Mahrah governorates of eastern region of Yemen.

Al-Rai expressed his appreciation for the people of Bahrain and the Bahraini Parliament leadership for the noble


– Authorities seize postal parcels contain antique coins

Security apparatus seized on Sunday in Sana'a Airport postal parcels contain antique coins (golden and silvery).

General Manager of Protecting Antiquities and Cultural Possessions in the General Authority for Antiquities and Museums Hisham al-Thawr told Saba that the security apparatus have followed up and investigated the accused to arrest him with 310 antique bronze coins in his possession.

Al-Thawr, who highlighted efforts of security apparatus and their stable wakening for foiling smuggling process, said the authorities have investigated the accused and transformed him to concerned prosecution to be handed over to the judiciary.

Last week, authorities seized three parcels in Sana'a Airport contain golden coins date back to Islamic Era and silver coins date back to different ages.

– One year imprisonment, YR 2 millions fine against antique smugglers

Sana'a Appeal Court sentenced Monday both Samir Jaddullah- Jordanian and Amin al-Badani a Yemeni- two years imprisonment and YR 2 million fine over charge of smuggling antiquities.

The court's verdict issued in Monday's session and recited by Judge Hamoud al-Hirdi, the head of the court, stipulated on one year suspend imprisonment and YR 300,000 fine against the third accused Mohammad Shamla and seizing all things found with them.

Last December, Interior Ministry's Department of Combating Terror and Organized Crime arrested the Jordanian and the two Yemenis with their possessions one kilo gram of the ancient Himyarite gold and a group of antique stone and bronze pieces.

3rd phase to Eradicate Bilharzias to be launched in November

The third phase of the National Campaign to Eradicate Bilharzias is to be launched on 9 – 12 November 2008.

For this purpose, Public Health and Population Office in Sana'a governorate organized Tuesday a three-day training course for 24 directors and the districts' supervisors, who will train teachers and health's workers in the districts.

The third phase of the National Campaign to Eradicate Bilharzias targets more than 167,000 children aged 6 – 18 years in 582 schools in several districts of Sana'a governorate.

Worth mentioning, The National Bilharzias Control Program will implement the third phase of the National Campaign in a number of districts in governorates of Ibb, Lahj, Saada, Shabwa and Hodeidah, targeting over a million children aged 6 – 18.

Two bronze statues to be sent to France for restoration

Chairman of General Authority for Antiquities and Museums Abdullah Ba-Wazeir said on Tuesday that in early November the two most important of Bronze statues will be sent for restoration at the Louver Museum in France.

He clarified the restoration of the two bronze statues comes within the framework of joint cooperation agreement signed recently between the General Authority for Antiquities and Museum and the Louver, in addition to training and rehabilitation Yemeni technical cadres of the authority on the restoration.


43 Somalis arrive in Hadramout coast

Yemeni Coastguards in Shehr district of Hadramout province have captured 43 Somali refugees including 16 women.

The Information security Center of the Interior Ministry said the arrived Somalis have been handed over to the representatives of United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees in Shabwa province.

It is worth to mention that Yemen's coast received daily Somalis refugees from the Horn of Africa fleeing from civil war in Somalia. The number of people displaced in the first half of this month reached about 2318 Somali refugees, 104 of which were Ethiopians.


Awareness course on AIDS prevention launched in Abyan

The National Committee for Women, in collaboration with the National Program for Combating AIDS, launched on Sunday an awareness course on AIDS prevention for 30 representatives from women and youth groups.

During the course, which will last for two days, the participants will be introduced to the risks of HIV/AIDS prevention to affirm the importance of spreading awareness on AIDS risks among young in all provinces of the country.

It will also provide all means to assist them to occupy the leisure time of young people with useful and beneficial business.


– Zabeed Library undergoes restoration

The project of Historical Development Cities of the GTZ is working on the restoration the roof of Zabeed Library which was damaged by heavy rains in the historical city of Zabid during the last few days.

Director of Zabeed Library Hisham Waro said the process of restoration started two days ago.

He requested the Local Authority in the province to provide emergency unit to fight any sudden danger, praising the effort of the project of Historical Development Cities for the initiative to renovate the library.