In Brief [Archives:2008/1207/Local News]

November 13 2008


– Aden SG local council affirms supporting French Cultural Center

Secretary General of Aden Local Council Abdul-Kareem Shaif affirmed on Tuesday support for the French Culture Center and to remove any difficulties facing its work.

During his meeting with the cultural attache at the French Embassy and the new director of French Cultural Center in Aden, he pointed out to distinctive relations between Yemen and France in various fields, particularly in the areas of culture. For his part, the cultural attache expressed his thanks for Aden leaderships to support the activities of French Cultural Center in Aden and clarified the French center has a number of cultural programs will be hosted by Aden in collaboration with Institute of Fine Arts next March 2009.

– Marine authority announces Yemeni coast pollution free

General Authority for Marine Science Researches announced on Monday Yemeni waters in the eastern and north-western areas of Hadramout province free form any pollution which was to be caused by the floods which recently engulfed Hadramout and Mahra.

In a statement to Saba, deputy director of the marine authority Salem Saleh said branches of authority in Mukalla, Mahrah and Hodeidah affirmed Yemeni coast free from any pollution.

– Session on reproductive health, family planning launched in Aden

In collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund, Office of Public Health and Population launched on Tuesday a training course on reproductive health and population for 29 participants in twelve provinces. During the session, which will last for the three days, the participant will be acquainted with an overview on the concept of family planning, ways of advice, communication, and prevention of disease infection.

– Yemen, ADRA signs agreement to rehabilitee Somalis refugees in Aden

Aden Community College and Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) signed on Tuesday an agreement for training 52 Somali refugees lived in Aden governorate. The agreement stipulated training 20 refugees in computer maintenance, 18 mechanical engineering and 14 in the secretary domain. All the training program will last for 6 months.


– Britons and Greek held in Hudaida

The Hudaida police have held four Britons and a Greek with night telescopes and anti-bullets shields.

The five were seized at the coast of Hudaida, southern Yemen, along with four night telescopes and four shields as well as a satellite phone and a GBS set to identify locations through satellites.

The sailors reached Yemen on the board of the Shamponi ship one of the ships run by the International Navigation Company. No details on why they came to Yemen and what their goals for having such materials were, have been given.


– American support to monitor Yemeni waters

Yemen and the U.S. Northrop Grumman Corporation discussed here on Tuesday technical assistance the corporation will grants the county in monitoring regional waters. Minister of Fisheries Wealth Mohammed Shamlan and Samir Namouq, an expert in the Northrop Corporation, reviewed the technical aspects of a monitoring system depending on installing radars and surveillance cameras all over the Yemeni coast linked to control centers to collect information. The system will also include group of modern aircrafts and boats to comb the targeted areas. Shamlan accented that Yemen really needs such systems to safeguard its coasts and waters from illegal boats.

– Eritrean authority releases 101 Yemeni fishermen

Eritrean authority has released 101 Yemeni fishermen after being captured for 10 – 20 days and confiscated their boats. The Interior Ministry's Information Center has reported that about 50 fishermen have arrived in Hodeidah governorate after spending 10 days in the custody of the Eritrean authorities.

The fishermen said that Eritrean authorities have captured them in an Eritrean Island called “Dethnin”” late in October and then taken to the Eritrean land