In Brief [Archives:2008/1210/Local News]

November 24 2008


– Al-Saleh Mosque officially inaugurated

President Ali Abdullah Saleh inaugurated on Friday Al-Saleh Mosque officially in the capital Sana'a with the attendance of high-profile Islamic scholars and intellectuals from Arab and Islamic countries.

The mosque represents an architectural master-work and an intellectual and religious pulpit at the level of Yemen and the Arab region which is expected to perform a great role in the mediation of Islam through outcomes of its scientific colleges and departments.

The total establishment cost estimated at $60 million and it is based on 224 thousand m_ with 24 m in height and a capacity for 40 thousand worshipers.

– Islamic Press Federation 3rd meeting wraps up

Participants in the 3rd meeting of the Islamic Press Association, wrapped up on Saturday in Sana'a, affirmed the importance of activating the role of media means in spotting lights on the nation's issues and confronting any attempts against its unity and sacred properties.

In the meeting's final statement, they called for the importance of supporting the protection of the nation's identity and contributing to future with more values and morals.

The statement indicated the foreseen role of the Arab and Islamic media in revealing plots targeting Iraq and showing the oppression suffered by the surrounded Palestinians.

– Netherlands grants Yemen's basic education $ 15 million

Social Development Fund and Dutch government signed on Saturday funding treaty worth $ 15 million for supporting Yemen's education center.

Upon the treaty, which was signed by the fund's Executive Director Abdul-Karim al-Arhabi and vice Dutch ambassador in Yemen, the government of Netherlands grants Yemen funding grant worth $ 15 million for improving and expanding basic and secondary education on the basis of the fund's middle-ranged viewpoints extends to late of 2010.

Al-Arhabi highlighted keenness of Dutch government in supporting and enforcing Yemeni government's efforts aiming at improving development's capabilities, especially those fields related to education.

For her part, the Dutch official considered the grant as part of donors' support to contributions of the fund in all development's sectors.

– Educational project worth $1, 4 million launched

Minister of Education Abdussalam al-Jawfi inaugurated on Saturday here ” Intitlaq”” educational project for science and mathematics subjects to the ninth class via the Spider Network with the cost of $ 1