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December 4 2008

– 10 persons killed, 86 injured in car accidents in one day

Ten people have been killed and 86 others injured in 63 traffic accidents took place on Sunday across the country, according to traffic statistics.

This statistics shows the highest number registered during one day. The statistics attributed the reasons of these accidents to carelessness of drivers.

According to the statistic, these accidents have been distributed between 24 passersby accidents, 4 car accidents and 35 vehicle accidents.

– Potential candidates for 2009 elections should resign form state posts before mid of December, says SCER

The Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum SCER approved on Monday a notice- be sent to state officials and members local councils who want to nominate themselves for the membership of parliament- to resign from their posts before 17th December, 2008.

Then, the SCER discussed a reported presented by the head of the legal affairs department over appeals on phase of reviewing voters' lists.

The commission also discussed a reported presented by the head of the civil society organizations over reviewing requests of participation in monitoring on elections phases.


– EC allocates 600 thousands euros to floods-affected people

European Commission's Office for humanitarian assistances in Sana'a has allocated $ 600 thousands to floods-affected people in Hadramout and Mahra governorates in eastern areas.

The assistances aim at reducing suffering of people in the two governorates because the catastrophe befell them last October and killed 180 people and destroyed 2350 houses while the displaced people estimated by the United Nation's mission are between 20-30 thousands.

The commission would direct these assistances to affected people via non-governmental organizations and international organizations including UN's organizations.


– Archaeological remains belong to Stone Age in Socotra

A Russian archaeological mission has discovered archaeological remains in Socotra Archipelago belong to the Stone Age man about a million years ago.

The head of Russian mission and senior of Russian Orientals Mr. Vitaly Nawmikn has told the Saba-run Daily al-Syasiah that the found remains, which are the first of its kind, proved that the existence of primitive man has begun about 600,000 years ago.

Nawmikn, who is working on a book on the history of Socotra, pointed out that the findings form a new mystery in the history of world's civilizations and is considered one of the most important civilizations in the world.

It is worth mentioning is that another joint Yemeni-Belgian mission has already announced finding a mountainous cave lengthens 3 km and contains some ancient buildings and temples besides clay pots, censers and other tools related to performing some kind of rituals inside those temples dating back to the third century AD, according to the initial analysis.

Moreover, the General Organization for Antiquities and Museums has also announced discovering five human settlements and six ancient cemeteries belong to very old historical periods, according to the source.


– Workshop on annual action plan launched in Sana'a

A workshop on reviewing the annual action plan of the Ministry of Education for the year 2009 was launched on Monday.

The two-day workshop aimed at enhancing the ministry's plan with observations and opinions of all participants.

Deputy minister of education Abdullah al-Hamdi affirmed the significance of having a shared database between the ministry and donors for developing education in Yemen.

For her part, donors coordinator Suzan Eari reviewed efforts have been done to reinforce the education between the ministry side and the donors in financing the programs and education infrastructure.

– Higher Judiciary Court dismisses four judges

The Higher Judicial Council (HJC) dismissed on Monday four judges due to violations done by those judges.

According to the council, the violations include delay for long time to deliver verdicts for cases, approval for possessing state lands without legal documents, and giving stamps of the courts to their sons or drivers as well as briber.

The council also approved decision of the attorney general to leave up immunity on a member of the public prosecution to allow prosecution to investigate with him in charge of briber.

– Yemeni relief stuffs prepared for Gaza strip

Kan'an Association is carrying out all preparations to send a plane loaded with hundreds of tons of food and medical supplies for Palestinian people in Gaza strip.

Chairmen of Kan'an Association Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh told the press that this act is a response to the Arab Foreign Ministers' decision that called on offering assistance for Palestinian people in Gaza.


– German photos exhibition in Aden to be opened

The German House will organize a photos exhibition for the German artist Ralf Becker in Aden on Tuesday.

The manager of German House in Aden Christian Hokah mentioned that the photos which will be exhibited had been taken by the German photographer when he was in Yemen last Ramadan.

Hokah added that these photos are the most unique of their kind as they bring to light a variety of aspects such as fasting, people's interest in this holy month through all religious aspects, evening times and religious sessions, as well as offering breakfast meals for the poor .

– Yemeni coast guards rescue Saudi oil tanker

The Coast Guards Forces in coordination with the international maritime forces in the area have successfully rescued a Saudi oil tanker from a pirate attack in the Aden Gulf, about 7 miles from the coast of Mukala city .

The information center at the Ministry of Interior mentioned that the Coast Guards have received a distress signal from the tanker that there were two pirate boats close to the ship trying to attack and hijack it.

In response, the coast guards forces hurried at once to the site of the tanker and chased the pirates who escaped.

They confirmed the ship was rescued before being attacked any harmed.

Worth mentioning, that the piracy operations have surprisingly increased during this year forming a real threat for the maritime routing over the length of the Somali coast.

The International Maritime Bureau' statistics stated that 96 ships were attacked by Somali pirates since the beginning of 2008 including the Ukrainian Arms ship and the giant Saudi oil tanker (Serious Star) which are still in the grip of pirates till now .

Yemen is currently leading a wide international and regional movement seeking joint machineries for cooperation and coordination of efforts among the countries of west-Indian Ocean, Aden Gulf, and the Red Sea for confronting pricy and armed burglary against ships opposite to the Somali coasts.

– Arrested over riots in Aden released

All those who were arrested in connections with riots that lately took place in Aden have been released, with some remaining held under criminal charges, a security source in the province has said.

The source said those being held over criminal and breaking law accusations would be investigated and then sent to prosecution to finalize legal procedures.


– Five-day training course on fighting AIDS

The Office of Public Health and Population in Hudeida province (OPHP) launched on Saturday a training course on fighting AIDS.

The workshop is organized by the Abu Mousa al-Ashary Association in coordination with the Endowment and Guidance Office and with technical support from the Progresso Organization and with funding from the Republic of Ireland .

The five -day training course aims to familiarize the 20 participants, including mosque rectors and girl guides from the Hali ,Hawk and Mina areas, with the AIDS disease and the latest figures of people affected by it and ways to treat the disease.

In addition, the workshop aims at introducing the participants to approaches to restrict the disease and raise awareness about a disease threatening the lives of million people worldwide as well as inclusion of AIDS/HIV affected-people in the society.

The coordinator of the workshop Abdul Majeed al -Fateni made clear that the training course is to concentrate on how to restrict the spread of the AIDS and to present the Islamic view on the affected people.

The association is to hold next Monday many sport activities and educational seminars on this disease coinciding with the World AIDS Day, he added.