In Brief [Archives:2009/1228/Local News]

January 26 2009


EC delegation visits Aden supervision committee

Chairman of the Supervision Committee for Revising and Amending Voters' Lists in Aden Abdullah al-Nihari received on Saturday a delegation from the European Commission headed by Patrick Depont.

During the meeting, the delegation was acquainted with the process of the current preparation to hold the upcoming parliamentary elections which is set to be held in April, 2009.

The delegation also was acquainted with statistics registered during the voters registration in the governorate of Aden which reached 20 thousand voters.

The EC delegation valued efforts exerted by the people responsible in the committee.


Mish'al due in Yemen soon

A delegation of the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas presided by the head of the Political Bureau Khalid Mish'al is to arrive in Yemen in the coming few days.

Well-informed sources told the state-run of on Friday that Hamas delegation is to hold talks with some senior officials in the government on the new initiative Yemen offered to the leaderships of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Hamas to heal the Palestinian rift.

Yemen has presented in time of holding the recent Kuwait summit a new initiative to resolve the Palestinian dispute to the leaderships of Fatah and Hamas movements as well as to the leaders of Egypt, Syria and Turkey.

The initiative aims to resume dialogue between the two movements and centers on the formation of a Palestinian government of national unity that will take office for six months to organize parliamentary and presidential elections.

It calls to reconstruct the Palestinian security bodies and to maintain security and stability of the Palestinian society.

According to the initiative, Egypt, Syria and Turkey will sponsor the dialogue as these countries have good ties and influence on both movements.

Security stops attempt to sell two antiquity pieces in Sana'a

Security sources in Sana'a said that security forces have captured two persons who have been involved in an attempt to sell two antiquity pieces. One of these pieces called “Dallah”” and the other is a unique one .

Website of Interior Ministry reported that the two persons admitted that they have received the pieces from four persons who they requested to sell them.

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