In defense of environment against aggressors [Archives:2006/912/Business & Economy]

January 16 2006

The Ministry of Water and Environment and the State Authority for Environment Protection have planned to bring about a prosecution to be specialized in dealing with issues of environment. The prosecution is to consider violations of laws organizing the efforts meant for preservation of Yemen environment and protection of subterranean waters reservoir.

Sources at the Ministry of Water have clarified that study is underway to speed up the establishment of that prosecution to control different violations committed against natural conservancies and attempts for changing the biodiversity of natural habitats. The prosecution is also to be empowered to tackle resolutely all ecological violations, particularly those of pouring motor oil wastes in the agricultural areas and valleys, random digging of water wells and exhaustion of waters and to send the guilty persons to court.

Meanwhile, officials from Sana'a University have recently announced there is a study conducted for the creation of a faculty specialized in teaching the subject of ecology. The officials have said the study would be referred to the concerned parties at the Higher Council for Yemeni Universities for the funding of the college establishment at the Sana'a University. The College of Science at Sana'a University has lately organized a symposium on chemistry and industrial development in cooperation with the national committee for education, culture and science, the ministry of education and the state authority for ecology. The participants in the symposium have called for the establishment of a colleges for ecological studies at Yemeni universities, the establishment of chemistry departments at colleges of science, reconsider their curricula and to be related to needs of development. The symposium has also recommended that the state should seek help of researchers from university professors to help solve problems facing the state with regard to waters, environment and pollution.

Since 1990 Yemen has already joined and signed many international agreements and protocols in this respect. More important of those agreements and protocols are agreements on protection of biodiversity, Vienna agreement for the protection of ozone layer and its annexed protocols, the control of transferring dangerous wastes across borders and that concerned with protection of land and sea species that are threatened by extinction.