In Feb. 10 meetingSyndicate lists demands, including for teachers [Archives:2005/816/Local News]

February 14 2005

On Feb. 10, the Journalists Syndicate council collectively welcomed the project of the law on positions, wages and salaries, and the national strategic project of the wages and salaries as well as any other steps to increase the salaries and wages of employees, a part of which are teachers.

Further to this, the Syndicate pointed out the necessity of preserving what have been secured for the teachers via the Teacher Law No.(37) for the Year 1998, and it has also called the Chairman and the members of Parliament to put this matter before them for consideration, in conformity with the hard tasks teaches are performing and also the vital role that they are playing in developing Yemen.

The Journalist Syndicate also addressed the Minister of Education, demanding his direct interference in granting the privileges of the Teacher Law to the rest of the teachers and educationists who are not yet given the same privileges.

Salaries also a problem

And also, salaries should be given, especially, those who were teaching in scientific institutes (previously), due to the negligence committed against their files and documents which were put in a neglected place in the ministry. The council, in its statement, denounced the fears attack that the freedom of press and expression have faced in order to restrict and stop it, as it is acquired through the democratic reunification that our Yemeni people have achieved within the civilization development framework. It also called to cease trialing the newspapers and the journalists too, and also asked for releasing the Chief Editor of “Al Shoura” newspaper, Mr. Abdul Karim al-Khaiwani. Further, It also asked to release the prominent Journalist of Al Jazirah channel, Mr. Tyseer Allouny, from the Spanish prisons.

Price hikes

In the conclusion of its statement, the council of the Syndicate denounced the continuation of the governmental policy making the public liable to starvation and imposing the new dose procedures which will directly affect on the living status of the whole Yemeni community sectors, ahead of which are the teachers and educationists.