In human resources development indicators,Yemen advances three degrees [Archives:2004/773/Business & Economy]

September 16 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Deputy premier, the Minister of Planning & International Cooperation Ahmed Soufan has expected that he Yemeni economy would realize a good growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product and the rate of growth for this year is to be between 3.5-4%, due to improvement of oil prices in world markets.
In a recent inauguration ceremony of an international report on human resources development, held at the at the ministry of planning, with participation of the UN Development Program for the year 2004, Mr Soufan has said Yemen was still categorized among countries of low human development as it occupies the place 149 from among 177 countries in 2002. but Mr Soufan affirmed that there was an improvement in indicators of human development in Yemen as it advanced three degrees in comparison with the year 2002, asserting that Yemen entertains appreciation of donor international organisations. He says the international report on human development for 2004 comes within a framework of a yearly series on an issues receiving world attention. This year it defined the topic of “Cultural Freedom in our Diversified World” to be complementary of what had been selected of issues that had been previously dealt with in the international series.
The minister has also emphasized the significance of looking more seriously at political and economic reforms taking place in the Arab world due to what the world is witnessing of developments and changes in the new world order, especially after the events of September and invasion of Iraq. He has also said success of those reforms would not be achieved unless they come from inside and not imposed externally.
On his part, the foreign minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said in his address that the report of human development this year had acquired a special importance particularly for associating culture with human development, clarifying that Yemen had communities in many countries where our Yemeni culture goes, in quest of either living or education. It is regrettable, he added, those communities face difficulties in incorporation, dialogue and understanding with other cultures.
Resident representative of the UNDP in Yemen has said he international report on human development acquires special importance, particularly in Yemen, as it is the only parliamentary state in the Arab peninsula and due to its commitment to an agenda towards the realization of human development. Human development, she added, requires improvement of health condition, education and provision of enough standards for dignified living and political freedom for all citizens, in addition to obligation towards the achievement of goals of the millennium human development prepared by the international community until 2015.
He report on human development for the year 2004 has included a directory on human poverty that combines between proportion of people living under threshold of knowledge and health and participation in governance.