In Ibb: No Qat Day [Archives:1999/18/Sports]

May 3 1999

Last Thursday, Sport and Youth Clubs in Ibb city organized a demonstration protesting the ruinous effects of qat on the Yemeni society. The demonstration, the first of its kind, carried the name”No Qat Day” and was headed by the governor, Mr. Abdul Kader Hilal. Mr. Hilal, known for his supportive role in boosting sports in Ibb, announced on behalf of the city’s youth that each Wednesday will become a day free of qat, as a first step to minimize the consumption of the notorious qat, which wastes time and money and causes dangerous diseases.
The participants, mostly young men, decided to break off the habit of chewing qat, and rather headed to Ibb University campus and playgrounds to pass their time in useful sport activities. Some of them utilize the service rendered by the library which houses more than 50,000 books on various topics.
On this occasion, the Governor, Mr. Abdulkadir Hilal, said a word in which he hailed the spirit of initiative and cooperation of Ibb’s young people and their enthusiasm to fight laziness and submission to qat which poses a serious threat to our society in all areas of life. Mr. Hilal stresses the role played by the young people in inspiriting the community to combat the evil habit of qat. Mr. Hilal has been known and respected for his leading part in backing up youth and sport activities in Ibb Governorate. Hilal’s supportive hand has improved the situation in a number of the city’s sport clubs, most notably the Sha’ab sport club.