In just two days:Six killed in tribal conflicts [Archives:2003/657/Front Page]

August 7 2003

Saddam Al-Ashmoori
For Yemen Times

Amran, August 5 – Six tribesmen were killed during armed fightings that took place on Monday and Tuesday in Amran, 100 km north of Sanaa, between Harf Sufyan and Bani Jubar tribes.
The fighting was triggered after a tribesman from Harf Sufyan tribe, using his Kalashnikov, unintentionally killed another tribesman from Bani Jubar tribe.
The victim's tribe did not accept the justification given by Harf Sufyan tribe concerning the incident and insisted that it was intentional, sparking a tribal vengeance war that is continuing till the time of going to the press.
Hundreds of weapons of different types and calibers were used in the fighting, which went on despite efforts by sheikhs of the region to settle the dispute between the two strong tribes.
Government forces have not yet had a role in stopping the battle, which is one of many that happen frequently in such tribal areas.
Yemen continues to suffer from tribal revenge and conflicts that usually result from minor incidents, but develop into major clashes that kill tens of tribesmen from both sides, and continue until tribal mediation between the two fighting parties ends the conflict.
There are more than 60 million pieces of light weapons in the country according to official figures, most of which are in the hands of tribesmen who tend to believe in them as a source of pride and manhood. Consecutive governments had failed to put an end to this phenomenon due to the overwhelming number of weapons in the hands of citizens, and the absence of a disarmament law to be enforced on Yemeni citizens.