“In Memoriam” [Archives:2004/732/Education]

April 26 2004

By Arif Al-Ahdal
Faculty of Education,
Hodeidah University

Full of memories our hearts are
In your grave, you are NOT alone
The day God called you Home
A piece of each of us with you has gone.

With cheeks full of many a tear
From our lives gone one so dear
But in our hearts forever near
And present with us you`re always here.
To bid you adieu, our hearts break
And our lives seem to be at stake
But God is there to care take
Our belief in Him does never shake.

All on a sudden God took you away
To stay in paradise,we'll always pray
In our hearts and minds, you'll always stay.

N.B. In memory of my brother Mohammed`s wife who passed away peacefully on Friday 26/3/2004 leaving behind loved and loving ones.May God bless her soul.