In Memory of Anthony Quinn (1915 – 2001) The Curtains Drawn [Archives:2001/34/Culture]

August 20 2001

Hendsman Mydonose
([email protected])
When he was two years old, his grandmother suddenly appeared and changed little Tony’s life completely.
He lived as a poor boy. He didn’t have shoes almost all his childhood life. In winters his grandma wrapped round him with her shawl and carried him in arms in case of not to get cold…
In a winter day when they were walking they run into a black man…first time little Tony saw a Black!
This kind-hearted black man offered that this little boy needs a pair of shoes. But proud grandma refused and said, “no, he doesn’t need. Keep them with you!” so the black man asked her “there is a film of Antonio Moreno playing at four o’clock. Do you want to go?”
At that time Antonio Moreno was the most famous Latin American star in Hollywood, and his grandma never wanted to miss any of his films, so they went to cinema. In El Paso there was only one cinema, and he was shocked and surprised when he saw horses, train, handsome men on the screen…!
When he was watching amazingly, his grandma pointed at Antonio Moreno and said, “He is the one! And never forget my little Tony, one day will come and you will be that man! Then she lowered her voice and added, “you will be more famous actor than Antonio Moreno. You will be the most famous, you will… you will…!
A long time passed and his grandma’s guess came true. Now Anthony Quinn!
He performed great in over one hundred films.
In viva Zapata he was Eupemia Zapapta, in Zorba he was villager Alexis Zorba, etc…
Anthony Quinn had a great memory in people’s memory by playing in different areas and countries. And of course in the message he was Hamzah!
In Tango he says, “I am Anthony Quinn, means I am Mexican, Red Indian, Irish, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Moslem…
I am all of them. There are the others. But which one am I the most?
I think I am from top to toe artist (actor)!
In his memories he says:
“I am thinking of the pictures I couldn’t complete, people I couldn’t meet, characters I couldn’t play, and books I couldn’t have chance to read.
No escape from death, and realized that it is coming closer and closer. Now I am finishing my time and I know to go when I am called!
Eighty-six year later…
Farewell his grandma’s little Tony!