In memory of the founding of the first Mosque in Yemen: Yemenis perform devotional journey [Archives:2003/664/Local News]

September 1 2003

By Salah Saleh Ahmed
Yemen Times Staff , Taiz

Taiz, August 30 – The inaugural ceremony of the scientific religious symposium was held at al-Saeed Cultural Foundation, a Taiz-based institution to commemorate the month of Rajam, in which the first mosque in Yemen, al-Janad Mosque was established in 627 AD (sixth Hijria) by Moad Bin Jabal who was the special envoy sent by the Prophet Mohammed to Yemen to spread Islam throughout the Arabian land.
The symposium was entitled, “Nations' Need to Rearrange the Fatherly Methodology in Education”, which is parallel to the modern educational methodology.
The symposium was organized by the Cultural Center Studies and Heritage Services affiliated to the Islamic Education Unions.
The symposium was held under the motto 'Towards Tackling Extremism and Violence and working together under the fatherly methodology in Education impartiality.'
Mr. Hamoud Abbas, the Minister of Guidance and Endowment said that the event comes in memory of the glorious time when Islam started in Yemen and its love started evolving in our ancestors' hearts for the first time.
On his part, Abu Bakr al-Mashhour, the Instructor in the Islamic Education Unions stressed on the importance of such religious occasions.
Speeches were delivered by prominent religious scholars including Shiekh Omer Bin Hafeedh, the Dean of al-Mustafa House in Tareem and Sheikh Salem Bin Omer al-Jailani, the Tareem Union Supervisor along with the Deputy Minister of Guidance and Endowment and Shiekh Salem al-Shateri.
Mr. Abbas emphasized to the Yemen Times the significance of the modern educational methodology in the lives of Yemeni youths. “Such religious schools can fill the gaps lived by our youths, who should be educated properly on Islamic principles that enhance national unity and disseminate the values of forgiveness and fraternity among them based on good morals,” he said.
The first day of Rajab is a memorable day for most Yemenis. On this day most our ancestors embraced Islam. Then al-Janad Mosque was established by Moad Bin Jabal who, on the first Friday of Rajab, prayed in it. Yemenis in different parts of Yemen are very keen to celebrate this occasion. However, the celebration gains special importance at Al-Janad Mosque itself.
People of both genders go to perform prayers, listen to sermon discourses given by preachers, who explain the virtues of Islam and praise the Prophet.
These sermons also talk about the pious role of our grandfathers in embracing Islam, and making us all Muslims.
Yemenis celebrating this occasion also carry all their required food, clothes, etc. to stay in the mosque for the whole night of Thursday to pray and praise God for everything bestowed upon them, including the sending of Moad bin Jabal, the Prophet's first messenger to Yemen.