In order to BE [Archives:2005/873/Community]

September 1 2005

By Ibrahim
For decades, Scientests have been doing researches on how nations (great nations) develop. It is only one result they get every time. Visualize this :

A man/woman with positive attitudes and positive ideas who goes in the street and gather positive people around him/her and they start working together and come up with projects and bright ideas which along with their devotion and hard work can make the greatest change.

Not hard to visulize and absolutely not hard to be that man/woman. We only need to be positive in order to BE a great nation.

We have all the factors and resources to be the greatest nation as we have always been. Look at Japan, USA, and Germany, their great will put them at the top.

We only need to have faith and to believe that we can be. Blaming and begging the government will never pay off, we -people- have to start the hard work and we shall get the government work with us. Let's be positive in our attitudes, great nations are built on positive people.

Negative people are in the dark and they should be isolated there till they change their mentality and negativity. again Visulaize this: a man/woman setting in the dark and handcuffed with negativity and cannot do anything.

People are working in the light and making a success life because of their positivity while he/she cannot make a move because of his/her negativity.

We are all that person and we should get rid of our negativity and run out of the dark to be successfull. It only takes the strong will and faith a long with hard work to be the greatest.