In order to set Shiekhs & their associates free:Negotiations entered [Archives:2003/660/Local News]

August 18 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A_ Negotiations have been still currently underway by shiekhs from Khowlan to set shiekhs and their associates belong to the Jehm tribe free.
Those shiekhs have been held as prisoners at the Military Prison and the Central Prison.
They were kept as prisoners when altercations took place between Shiekh al-Zaidi and the president at the Presidential House in Sana'a.
Among those shiekhs who have met the president are; shiekh Mohammed bin Naji al-Qader, Shiekh, Saleh al-Rawaishan, Shiekh Ahmed Dawaid, and the Brigadier General, Naji al-Sofi to reconsider the
Conditions to give guarantees to the state were laid by the president during the his meetings with the Yemeni shiekhs in return for setting the prisoners free along with settling unsettled issues between Aal al-Zaidi tribe and the authorities.
Shiekhs in their parts refused an acceptance to any conditions laid before setting the prisoners free.
A source told the Yemen Times that Shiekhs have come to Sana'a with the hope of persuading the authorities to hand over military convicts accused of killing the brigadier general, Saleh Abbad al-Zaidi in Sana'a who was killed in Sana'a in May 3 at 60th Street.
A combing operation in all the capital's outlets and other cities have been performed by the Yemeni authorities in order to arrest every one who bears al-Zaidi's surname.
The interior minister has issued his directives to raise a siege against the Yemen Times journalist, Hassan al-Zaidi and to set his two brothers free who were taken from the al-Matawkil Hospital.
The security authorities have already set one of the Hassan's brothers free, while the younger one has been still in a detention center.
Al-Zaidi demanded an immediate release for his younger brother.
A number of human rights organizations condemned the illegal arrest of al-Zaidi without any legal justifications except that his surname belongs to al-Zaidi, a prominent tribe in Mareb.