In remembrance of a mammoth [Archives:1999/02/Sports]

January 11 1999

Mohammed Abduh Zaid has been always serving sports field in Yemen. He had contributed to the development and the advance of the sports movement in Aden. He was behind many of the International recognition Yemeni sports organizations obtained. He held many responsible positions such as the Vice president of the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports in Aden, the first President of the Yemeni Football Association, and Youth & Sports Deputy-Minister in 1990.
In his last days he was complaining of an ailment which caused his death. In the ceremony of his fortieth day of death many people attended the ceremony representing almost all the sports associations and organizations. Many sports activities were held in his memory. The Yemeni Football Association designed a special 1999 calendar containing his memoir and a pamphlet which were distributed during the ceremony.
Dr. Raweh expressed his grief over the sad departure of Zaid when Yemen needed him the most.